Walking Piglet on the beach

Some lovely weather and an amazing clam.

I’ll miss the beach if I ever manage to move.


9 Responses to Walking Piglet on the beach

  1. Shirl,great pics you just need to rotate them ^_^

  2. alan.sloman says:

    I’ve got a nasty crick in my neck now! Nice piccies, Miss.

  3. Laura says:

    Moi aussi!
    Lucky you – there is much raining going on here!

    • peewiglet says:

      In fact, it was still raining when I took the rainbow piccy 🙂 I think it was the rain that brought out the lovely clouds.

  4. peewiglet says:

    Oh, bugger! I posted from my phone and they’re all f*cked up. Will have a quick play…

  5. Martin Rye says:

    Nice photos and I would miss a beach like that.

  6. Sal says:

    Beautiful beach! I wonder if there are any properties for sale in the area …… 😉

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