Work tonight — fun again :) And Piss-Piss got a clean bill of health!

Work was fun again tonight. The plates weren’t as sizzlingly hot, though they were still pretty heavy. I didn’t drop anything, though, or get yelled at–phew!–and after the food there was another really good male singer. Peeps were bopping around between the tables again, and as I left at 11.15pm a customer grabbed me and swirled me into a quick dance. Heh!

There’s always a drama, it seems, and tonight the lights went out at about 10pm. That added to the charm of the occasion, I felt, and we spent about 30 minutes distributing little candles around the tables.

I took Piss-Piss along to the vet this morning for her de-matting, dental examination, blood tests and claw trimming.

*sucks finger, ruefully*

She got a completely clean bill of health on the blood tests, to the vet’s surprise and my relief. She had two teeth out, though (amazing, when the young vet who checked her over on first arrival told me that she only had one…), and so hopefully her little mouth will soon be feeling less painful. She’s lovely and smart, now: tangle free! I’m sure it won’t last long… The bill came to (hang onto your hats) £144! £90 of that was for the blood tests. It’s worth it, though, to be sure that she’s okay.

And Piglet’s had a bath! I rarely bathe her–just once after each of her two coat strippings, on the advice of the groomer–but today what I thought was mud on her side after our walk turned out to be poo. Ugh! I didn’t realise until I’d tried to brush it out, thus gunking up the brush, and then to rub it off with my hand. She’s all fluffy, now, like a little teddy bear, and looks as though she’s put on a stone in weight. She appeared to enjoy it. My sister was here to help, so that made things much easier. Turns out she’s less wriggly in the bath when she’s in a head lock *g*


2 Responses to Work tonight — fun again :) And Piss-Piss got a clean bill of health!

  1. kateC says:

    a bit off topic but…due to your recent posts i actually watched some of the restaurant program. i say some ‘cos i had to turn it off. you’re completely right about it being cruel telly.

    • peewiglet says:

      I’m glad you thought so too. I was very surprised at RB. I wonder whether he and his partners now regret the third series.

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