BBC Young Chef of the Year

This was really good!

5 young chefs, aged between 16 and 25, culled from great restaurants across the country, were competing to become the BBC Young Chef of the Year. The standard of cooking was as good as any I’ve seen in any of the cookery programmes, including Professional Masterchef, and I was amazed by what some of them came up with in the first round when they were given just 30 minutes to produce a steak with bearnaise sauce, salmon with hollandaise sauce, a perfectly boiled egg and a lemon souffle. None of the contestants in Professional Masterchef did anything *like* as well.

Foodies–go and seek it out. You can find it on the BBC website, here. It only lasts an hour, but it’s a very enjoyable and hungry-making hour.


2 Responses to BBC Young Chef of the Year

  1. Laura says:

    I think I watched one of these – ‘Young Butcher of the Year’ – not really recommended for us veggies though! I had to stop watching when the task was to create a butcher’s shop window display…………

    • peewiglet says:

      So there’s a whole series of them, then? I’ll go and see if I can spot any more.

      Oddly enough, and despite my feelings about meat (i.e. that the animals should be treated kindly and respectfully), I’ve always been fascinated by butchery. I may go and look that butchery one up…

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