More snow!

Snowy Southport

Ooh! Here’s the view that met me upon waking this morning. We don’t normally get this kind of snow here.

View from my bedroom window

Piglet refused to go out for a poo and a pee initially, and sneaked into one of the downstairs rooms instead. Fortunately I spotted her, though, and found her looking extremely guilty. Realising she’d been caught almost in the act she padded back out to the kitchen and into the garden, to do the business.

View to the front

Piss-Piss, on the other hand, was delighted with the snow, and shot off to play in it, skating along the paving stones like a little whirling dervish as she went.

Snowy garden

Piss-Piss tries to scrape a hole

Later today, Piglet and I wiill go and see what we can find in the woods.

===============# (<— Piss-Piss wrote that bit: she's back in the house now)


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