Even more snow overnight!


It seems that all the snow we haven’t had here over the course of the last 10 years or so has finally fallen in the last few days. There’s been another significant load overnight. It’s still nothing like as thick as in many other parts of the country, but for here it’s very unusual indeed.

I’ll have to go into town, later, to do my Christmas shopping, and make a visit to the organic farm shop for my veggies. Hopefully I’ll get back in one piece, despite the fact that the roads don’t appear to have been gritted.


2 Responses to Even more snow overnight!

  1. Gayle says:

    My tip: take a shovel and lots of down-wear when you go out for your veggies!

    I spent a total of 4.5 hours on the M42/M40 last night (where at one point the snow was lying a good 6 inches deep). At no time in those 4.5 hours did I see a gritter.

    I understand that this country so seldom gets such weather that it would be a waste of resources to be permanently ready to deal with occasional snowiness, but I confess that I did make the mistake of thinking that the motorways would take priority in being treated.

    • peewiglet says:

      Good tip, thanks 😦

      Your journey y/day sounds horrendous. I heard some Local Government bloke on Radio 4 this morning defending Local Authorities against accusations that they’ve not been gritting, by saying they’ve been gritting constantly. Presumably, in that case, they’ve not got enough staff on the job. A few staff gritting constantly over a county won’t get very much done.

      Still no gritting here, though this isn’t a main road. When I *was* on the main roads the day before y/day, though, it didn’t look to me as though they’d been done either.

      It’s almost unbelievable that motorways haven’t been done 😦 I have to go into town later this morning, and it’s hailing again heavily outside even as I type.

      I won’t be travelling with Piglet in the car today. Imagine if somebody ran into the back!

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