Peeling chestnuts — a cunning trick

Anyone who’s tried peeling these blasted things has probably had the miserable and frustrating burned fingers/bits of chestnuts stuck behind nails experience.

I came across a cunning ploy via the internet yesterday, though, which is worth passing on. Shove the little buggers into the microwave for a couple of minutes, after scoring a cross in the round side, and it’s then possible to slip them out of their cases very easily indeed. The skin stuff comes off easily too. Yum!

4 Responses to Peeling chestnuts — a cunning trick

  1. Laura says:

    A small spoon helps after the microwaving. I used to spend every Christmas with painful nails before I discovered this trick!

  2. Mike Knipe says:

    We have a family joke about chestnuts – you have to sing “Chestnuts roasting round an open fire ” then everybody goes “Open Fire!” and makes machine gun noises.
    This adds nothing to your blog post, obviously….

    Shouldn’t have mentioned it, really….

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