Work… not. Exciting plans, though.

I was meant to be at work tonight, but really didn’t feel like dragging myself out into the frozen wastes of coastal North West England. I did, though, only to learn that they didn’t need me after all. Rob asked if I minded not working. I didn’t really mind at all, and so I pocketed last week’s wages and trotted back home. It’s less than 5 minutes in the car, so no problem. At least he’s now taken a note of my phone number *g*

Wee Piggly is lying on the floor, here, bored. She doesn’t yet know, though, that we have exciting walking plans coming up.

Next weekend she and I are travelling North to walk with Challenge pals Ali and Sue, and their respective wee doggies. Ali has a Border Terrier–Pearl–so Piglet will be in her element.

After that, we’re off to the Dales for about 5 days with Colin–he of the tarp, and the handbag, and the over-worked sewing machine. Colin has plotted a cunning route that takes in pubs (hic!) for food (Piglet insisted on that), as well as wild camps in desolate, snowy places. I’m quite excited!

Piggly will be sporting a new harness, and prolly also a new coat: this is the one I have in mind. I know it’s possible to get shoes for dogs, but I’m hoping she won’t need them… I’ll take some cream for her wee paws, though, and monitor them daily, as we’re expecting snow and foul conditions.

Tomorrow I must take a look at my car. I know it needs some new windscreen wipery stuff as a little light has come on to tell me so, and Mango Terrier has advised me to keep an eye on the oil levels so I’ll be whipping out the manual to find out how to do that. I may even wash it!

Ooh! If it’s going to be *really* cold next week I might take my Paramo Salopettes. I’ve not worn them since… can’t remember! At least 18 months, I think. I rather like them, though, and they’re terribly snuggly.

6 Responses to Work… not. Exciting plans, though.

  1. Mango Terrier says:

    Halfords have a 3-for-2 offer on their screen wash – get the concentrate rather than the pre-mixed. Then mix up at 60/40 for temps down to -7, or use straight, no chaser, for anything below.

    Even after you’ve filled up the screen-washer resevoir you may find that the warning light stays on for a bit. No panic! It just means that liquid in the line through to the rear window is temporarily frozen …

    Ruff-ware have dog boots!

    • peewiglet says:

      Ooh, ta Mango! Will go and do the business with teh Halfords screen wash.

      What d’you think of those boots? I know Piglet’s a rufty-tufty monster etc, but 8 hours of walking on snow and ice could be hard on her wee paws. D’you reckon they’re a gimmick, or worth a try?

  2. Mango Terrier says:

    Not a gimmick! Mountain Rescue dogz wear them – stops their sensitive pads getting cut up by sharp ice and provides insulation! Think TGO reviewed them some time ago (goes off to rummage through pile …)

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks again, Mango. You are a furry star! ♥

      I’m looking on this site: it’s where I got the softshell (the one that caused the dermatitis) and they’ve got everything there, including wee liners for the boots. I’m trying to get her on the phone to see if I can drive up and try Piggly with the coat, harness and boots, as we’ll need to be sure they fit.

  3. Mango Terrier says:

    Ho! See them in action here

    (will have to copy ‘n’ paste address …)

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