Happy Christmas, y’all!

25 December, 2009

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Happy Christmas, all of y’all out there, and very best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year ♥ ♥ ♥

Chicken Out — Some 2009 Successes

24 December, 2009

Some good news, here, for those of us concerned about the conditions in which farmed chickens live and die.

Crubeens crossed for more progress in 2010.

Compassion in World Farming are also very grateful, on behalf of the animals for which they campaign, for any financial help people can give them. Just in case anybody would like to take a scan, there’s a secure donation page here.

Yet more snow overnight

24 December, 2009

Piglet watches the snow through the window

I’m glad I don’t have to drive today. I’m going to strap on the crampons and walk into town to get the last couple of presents, and then it’s back here to play in the kitchen.

I had a play with the camera last night, as the snow was falling thickly.

Things to make today include:

– Bread sauce
– Cranberry & orange sauce
– Trifle
– Bread
– A veggie roulade
– Giblet stock
– Mince pies

Thankfully, things on the domestic front have settled down a bit overnight.

It’s definitely Christmas…

23 December, 2009

…because the rows have started.

My sister, who’s been staying at my house for the last couple of months, has gone off in a foul mood after a shouting match earlier this morning.

I knew it was just a matter of time before the arguments started. My prediction is that my aunt, who was meant to be coming here for Christmas along with my sister, will probably ring tomorrow to say she’s not able to come due to the weather, or illness, or something, so it’ll just be Piglet, Puss-Puss and me eating the turkey, the ham and all the other stuff that’s now crammed into the fridge.

I’ll go and finish the shopping, just in case I need it, and take Piglet for a walk, and then I think I’ll settle down for a few days with some books in front of the fire.

I hope things are more relaxed for the rest of you.

Even more snow overnight!

22 December, 2009


It seems that all the snow we haven’t had here over the course of the last 10 years or so has finally fallen in the last few days. There’s been another significant load overnight. It’s still nothing like as thick as in many other parts of the country, but for here it’s very unusual indeed.

I’ll have to go into town, later, to do my Christmas shopping, and make a visit to the organic farm shop for my veggies. Hopefully I’ll get back in one piece, despite the fact that the roads don’t appear to have been gritted.

Chilling by the fire

21 December, 2009

Yesterday’s walk — woods and Woods

21 December, 2009

Tim, Piglet and Kate

Piggly and I went for a brief trot around the woods yesterday, on the way back from Waitrose.

The woods were rather dismal. They’d been snowy earlier in the day, but the sleet had turned to rain and washed all the wintery beauty away.

In the woods

Heading towards the sand hills

A glum scene

Decorated tree

Each year somebody festooons this tree with baubles and cones, but the wind had blown quite a lot of them to the ground.

Piggly launches herself after a rabbit

Dogs aren’t allowed in this bit, and people are only supposed to enter with (readily available) permits, but since there’s no good reason for the ban I ignore it. Bloody dictators, trying to tell me where to walk… *g*

Into the woods again

Illegal walking

On the way home we stopped at Tim and Kate’s, to drop off Christmas goodies and to say a last “Hello” before they leave for Christmas. Kate and Tim spoil Piglet and me, and we both love dropping in. Piglet grows quite hysterical with excitement in the back of the car as I fasten her lead to her collar to walk her over to the house *g*

Tim’s a keen photographer, and he spent quite a lot of time trying to get a good piccy of Piglet to enter in the local show next year. Piglet’s almost as bad a photographic subject as me, though, and she refused to sit still and smile winningly.

Tim trying to get a good piccy of Piglet

Trying a different angle

Piglet consents to sit still for a moment

Tim, Kate and I had a glass of wine to celebrate my birthday, and Piglet had a glass of Ribena. They sent me home with the rest of the bottle. (The wine, that is: not the Ribena.) Yum!

Upon our return to Chez Peewiglet I fed the monsters and then myself.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed in the tub of Waitrose pepper sauce I’d bought earlier. I spotted it on a shelf and thought it would be yummy, because most Waitrose food does seem to be, but sadly it wasn’t. It had a very disappointing taste and a markedly synthetic texture, and there was very little evidence of the cream and brandy it was meant to contain. There weren’t a lot of peppercorns either, for that matter. I should have made some myself, since it’s so extremely easy to make a yummy one. Not to worry, though. I’ll make my own tonight.