Dales — Clapham

All’s well but we’ve been a bit short of receptilon until now, in lovely Clapham.

Just had the most wonderfully exhilarating and gorgeous morning’s walking of my life! Scenery astounding! Deep drifts of powder white snow gleaming in golden sunshine along a walled lane, high in the hills between Stainforth and here, bounded by snow sculptures of breathtaking grace and wind-inspired imagination. All 3 of us had an absolute blast.

Piglet started out very unhappy in her boots, but as soon as I removed them she was like a new dog, scampering ahead of us along the lane and leading her pack to the warmth and safety of the New Inn for a spot of lunch and a wee drinky.

After this we’re off to Ingleton, from where we’re taking a bus or taxi to the New Hill Inn (I think it’s called) where we’re staying tonight. We’ve had to adapt plans because deep drifts made P-y-G and Ingleborough impassable with the tiny dog, but we’re having a great time.

Dent tomorrow, I hope, and not yet sure about plan for final day. Will let y’all know, though, when we’ve decided.

Piglet and Colin both send warm lix 🙂


2 Responses to Dales — Clapham

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    I’m a bit jealous this time – I can’t get me car over the Pennines just now, so its local walks for me for a few days and so far I’ve been unable to tempt that Darren bloke out from his cosy den of twitterring for a play in the snow. (he’s ignoring me now…)
    …not too bothered about Colin’s warm lix as it happens… ta anyway!
    Have a cracking time up at the Hill Inn. The traverse to Dent could be interesting.

    • peewiglet says:

      The traverse to Dent *did* prove interesting…

      We tried to get up the end of Whernside because the conditions were so beautiful, but the deep snow eventually defeated us, and by the time we’d forced our way down to the Dent road there were 6 miles to go and it was already about 3.30pm. Eventually we turned round and made our way back to Ingleton.

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