Yippee!!! Thank you, Gayle :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to multi-talented Gayle, who’s solved my boiler problem!

It’s not yet entirely clear what caused the problem, but talking it through with Gayle on the phone helped me to ID the switch on the wall… I turned the boiler off, and then turned it on again, and after that the water became hot!

Gayle is lucky not to be here, because if she was I’d be swinging her round the room and covering her in happy kisses ♥ So would Piglet and Puss-Puss, who were beginning to look decidedly blue.

I’m off for a lovely soak in the bath, now, while I bake a huge potato, and then I’m going to watch the magificent Horizon’s The Secret Life of the Dog, which was recommended to me as brilliant by a woman I met on the Ingleton to Lancaster bus this morning. The woman loved Piggly (who crawled onto her knee from mine, wee ungrateful monster!), and she said that she’s going to look them up on the internet tonight (Border Terriers, that is) with a view to getting one.

Whooohoooo! Thank you, Gayle!!! ♥ And thank you again to all the rest of you who made helpful suggestions. Y’all are absolutely the best! ♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. Oh… and to anybody who found it confusing that the electric shower didn’t produce any hot water… it turns out that it’s not an electric shower after all. Doh… Thanks again to Gayle for info! *g*


4 Responses to Yippee!!! Thank you, Gayle :-)

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    Gayle doesn’t work in IT does she by any chance?

  2. Gayle says:

    Mike – I don’t, but given yesterday’s evidence perhaps I should…

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