Colin’s TrailStar Review. Added a guy to my tent.

Colin has a great new review of the Mountain Laurel TrailStar, here.

After having read it, I decided to attach a new guy to my tent.

New guy on my tent



*creeps back to sty, embarrassed*

p.s. a prize for anyone who recognises this new guy. angus_honey — this is your moment to win a competition in a backpacking blog! Though Slowman should also be in with a chance. I bet he doesn’t get it, though. Doh… blokes!

16 Responses to Colin’s TrailStar Review. Added a guy to my tent.

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Tooooo Easyyyyyyy!

    Heath? Callaghan? Blair?
    I’ll let someone else have a stab…

    • peewiglet says:

      Have you really got it?


      G’won, then. I don’t think anyone else will, unless angus_honey stops by 🙂

      Okay… you’ve got it *g*

      I will look out a nice prize for you!

  2. Gibson says:

    Wilson from ‘House’. Too late, I know.

    • peewiglet says:

      Quite right!!!

      *is impressed*

      I didn’t think anybody would spot it, except perhaps Le Slowman as I know he’s also a House fan.

      *loves Wilson*

  3. Deeangus_honey says:

    I knew..I knew…but I only just saw your mail…

    If I was going to add a guy to my tent (presuming I had one, which I don’t because I have a house and bed instead…) I would add the guy inside the tent, sans clothes, and wrapped firmly in some sort of downy sleeping bag, pegged (is ‘peg’ a camping term because I was going to use ‘fastened’ but ‘pegged’ does sound, somewhat, as if I know a little something about the outdoors life…) to the ground.

    I would then be far too tired to do anything else and leave to find the nearest hostelry with bed and hot running water and redo my nails.

    I hope you’ve seen the latest epi, with the shorter hair and a chorus from ‘A Chorus Line’, and absolutely no sign, whatsoever, of a tent.

    • peewiglet says:


      I have d/loaded it now. Phew…

      I like the idea of the guy wrapped up firmly in the tent. (Pegged down sounds good to me…) My first thought was prosciutto, rather than down, but then I thought… fluff! *g*

  4. alan.sloman says:

    Oh my! My skull cinema is now going into overdrive…

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