Baby PW -- My last good night's sleep!

I have to get a new bed.

Now that Piglet, Piss-Piss and I share sty space, my existing bed is no longer large enough. Nor is it comfy enough. And the duvet is too small.

I keep waking up with Piglet lying right in the middle of the bed, hogging the covers, and having to try to drape my legs around her. As soon as I get comfy the cat comes to lie on my head on the pillow, and drools on my hair!

*rubs eyes*

I’ve been up since 3am. This has to stop!

I’m now thinking of buying an ultra-comfy bed to last me years and years and years. Once I have it I plan to get in and stay there. Quite possibly permanently, if I don’t catch up on sleep soon…

I’m thinking Vi-Spring. Any other recommendations, peeps?

This was quite a good one too


9 Responses to Aaagh…

  1. OccasionalBackpacker says:

    Hi PW

    I had similar problems with lack of sleep and went for a Millbrook mattress.

    Was the best buy I made in years. My back/sleep had been suffering for a while, but after this I haven’t looked back.Well worth the £400 + I spent.

    I’m sure sure there’s a good selection of manufacturers on’t web, but this happened to suit my needs with firmness etc.

  2. OccasionalBackpacker says:

    is similar to the one I got.

    Be warned, they are super comfortable, but you have to turn them every so often, which usually involves two people because they are so thick 🙂

    • peewiglet says:

      I’ve just found a place locally where I can try out the Millbrook beds. They sound really good: thanks for the tip 🙂

      What tension did you get? I like soft mattresses best.


      *still dreaming of a good night’s sleep*

      • OccasionalBackpacker says:

        I tried the soft mattress in a shop and also found it to be very comfortable.

        However, I tried a friends firm mattress over a few nights and found the support it gave my body was amazing.

        So, although it took my body a few days to get used to a firm matrress, in the long run it’s given me the best nights sleep of my life!

        Certainly beats the Ikea mattress I used when I was a student 🙂

      • Piglet Monster says:

        Thanks for that!

        I’m still mired in indecision. Part of it is about which make to buy, and the rest of it is about what tension to get.

        What you’ve said about the firm v. the soft mattress is most helpful, though. I reckon I might actually find the medium a better long-term choice than the soft.

        Hmmmm… I hope to be closer to a solution tomorrow, as I’m driving to Halifax to try a couple out. I tried to do it today but got bound up in the traffic jam from Hell on the M62.

        I will keep you posted ♥

      • OccasionalBackpacker says:

        Main thing is to look at the firmness of matress(es) you’ve slept on in the past and how they have affected your body/sleep and use that info to help you decide.

        Maybe ask the shop if you can sleep over 🙂

  3. Andy Howell says:

    You look very peaceful there Shirl!

    I think the trick is something to do with the animals. They should be sleeping in their own space. Downstairs. In the kitchen.

    Remember, they are just animals 🙂

    They will sleep wherever!

    (off to crouch quietly underneath the table for protection …)

    • peewiglet says:

      *is shocked*

      Downstairs? Good heavens… The poor wee beasties are crying, now, at the very idea!

      (D’you mean to tell me that the chickens don’t sleep with you and Kate?)

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