21 January, 2010

How did I miss this? I never have a clue what’s going on!

Well I thought it was funny, but apparently the speaker (Peter Jefferson, the voice behind the Shipping Forecast) is no longer working for the BBC as a continuity announcer.

The BBC says that’s a coincidence. I hope it is. It’d be a real shame for them to have given somebody the push for a trivial error that must have brought a smile to many faces.


Another great new blog

21 January, 2010

Do dash along to take a peep at Hawthorns’ Byeways, peeps, if you’ve not already been. Lovely pics and some great writing to be found there.


21 January, 2010

Baby PW -- My last good night's sleep!

I have to get a new bed.

Now that Piglet, Piss-Piss and I share sty space, my existing bed is no longer large enough. Nor is it comfy enough. And the duvet is too small.

I keep waking up with Piglet lying right in the middle of the bed, hogging the covers, and having to try to drape my legs around her. As soon as I get comfy the cat comes to lie on my head on the pillow, and drools on my hair!

*rubs eyes*

I’ve been up since 3am. This has to stop!

I’m now thinking of buying an ultra-comfy bed to last me years and years and years. Once I have it I plan to get in and stay there. Quite possibly permanently, if I don’t catch up on sleep soon…

I’m thinking Vi-Spring. Any other recommendations, peeps?

This was quite a good one too

Different route today

19 January, 2010

Should I get a water meter?

14 January, 2010


Trying to get organised here, I’m currently sticking bills and things in a folder. Not something that comes naturally, it has to be said *g*

Anyway, I’ve noticed that last year my water rates were £489 and this year they’re going to be £618. For one person who doesn’t use a great deal of water, this feels like a lot of money.

D’you reckon I should get a water meter, peeps?

A whinge

13 January, 2010

I applied for a job back in November. It was with a large, national employer that I’m not going to identify here, because of course I’m afraid that if they stumble across my complaint then that’ll be the end of my prospects of a job with them.

Anyway, they were advertising a job in the town where I live. I had a letter inviting me for interview, and I went along in December. I had aptitude tests and an interview, and then I filled in what felt like a hundred forms.

A couple of weeks later I received a letter telling me that I’d been succcessful. Deep joy! However, as I read on it turned out that they’d actually been conducting a recruitment ‘excercise’ across the whole county, and that I’m now on a waiting list of people qualifed to be appointed to jobs as, when and/or if they arise during the next 6 months. Heaven only knows how many other people might be on the list, and how many jobs (if any) might eventually turn out to be available.

This has really pissed me off. I need to get a job to help cover my expenses while I wait to sell my blasted house. I also need a job to get a mortgage in order to buy my next house, since this one’s now been on the market for more than 12 months, and obviously I have bills to pay. If they’d come clean and made it clear that they were simply conducting some sort of notional recruitment exercise I’d still have applied, but at least then I’d have known where I stood, and wouldn’t have imagined that by the end of January I’d be able to cover the bills without eating further into my rapidly dwindling capital.

IMO it’s cruel to draw people into this sort of process with the promise of well-paid (well, ish…) employment at the end of it, and only when they’ve jumped successfully through all the hoops tell them that there might well not be a job after all. This employer should certainly know better.

Right. Whinge over for now.

What a great idea! Hobnailed trail shoes…

13 January, 2010

Kate's blog

I love Kate’s running (and cake) blog, and when I browsed over there via Google Reader this morning I found this brilliant idea: Hobnail Crutches! Kate has screwed tiny um… screws! into the soles of her running shoes, to help with traction in this icy weather. They’re short enough not to poke through and hurt her crubeens, which is good news since she’s already recovering from a duff leg. Whizz over and take a scan, peeps.

Gibson and Lynne's blog

I also love Gibson and Lynne’s new blog, Afoot in the Hills. Not only is there lots of interesting stuff to read, but there’s also a fantastic selection of photographs. Truly exciting piccies that make my tummy turn over and my toes tingle with the desire to get out and do something. The whole page is a model of under-stated elegance. Methinks I need a re-design…