Spaying Piglet…

I spoke to the vet about spaying this evening.

I’ve been looking into it since Piggly was a little baby (she’s now an adolescent of 14.5 months old) and I decided I wanted her to have a couple of seasons first, because apparently whipping a little puppy’s bits out before they’ve matured stunts the dog’s development (despite the advice from many vets to have them ‘done’ at 6 months, before they’ve had a first period). At the same time, though, there are what appear to be objective studies which demonstrate that piglets puppies who go unspayed are more prone to hormone-related diseases (including cancer) later in life.

I also took advice also from a friend of my bezzy online pal–a highly regarded breeder of terriers–and I reckon that now that Piglet’s had two seasons it’s time to have her spayed. Having spoken to the vet, I think I’m going to book her in for Monday 22nd February.

Still, despite feeling pretty sure that it’s all for the best, I can’t shake off a feeling of real unhappiness at the idea of it. I’ve tried to work out why, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it because I’ve not had puppies children of my own, and regret that? I don’t know, but that’s probably part of it. It could aso be because she’s such a truly lovely little dog in every way–pretty, loving, playful, michievous–and it seems a shame not to pass those Piggly genes on. That’s probably part of it too. I know I don’t like the idea of her being in pain after the operation, but in life, of course, it’s sometimes necessary to bear a little pain for a greater good.

I’m planning to ring the vet in the morning to make the appointment. Nothing is set in stone, though, so if anybody out there has strong views one way or the other then please let me know. I like to take everything into account before making decisions about important stuff like this.

*cries a bit*

*goes off to hug little Piglet*

7 Responses to Spaying Piglet…

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    Do it. The dog won’t notice or if she does, she won’t make the link between the vet and the reduction in your bank balance. Local mongrels will look elsewhere at certain “times”
    On the other hand, you could make money from all those pups.
    But then, it’d be very tying and you prolly wouldn’t want to lose any of the little darlings and eventually you’d end up on a TV programme about the RSPCA as “The dog lady”
    The pups would be fun though.
    But they’d crap everywhere… and eat your sofa…
    But think of the saving on hot water bottles…

  2. alan.sloman says:

    I think this is a tricky one Shirl. I had ‘Lily’ (that’s my cat for peeps who don’t know) done at 6 months.

    But she still chases balls around the house and thinks she’s a dog. So, no personality changes then…

  3. afootinthehills says:

    We had our second Border collie spayed on the advice of our vet, who specialised in small animals, to help guard against diabetes in particular. She was absolutely fine, no personality changes and roamed the hills as energetically as ever.

    He did also say it would help protect against cancer. If we have another collie we would certainly have her spayed. I’d say do it.

  4. Mango Terrier says:

    I am all grrrrl! And intend to stay that way . . .

  5. rob says:

    Here is my experience.. I have a 2yr old Whippet and had her spayed last week. She was up and back to herself within a day – no discernible changes. Still walking on the lead but I would expect her to be fully raring to go in the next week.

    I decided to leave the breeding to those that have the experience, but that is obviously a personal choice for the two of you..

    In the end I decided that the benefits outweigh the expense and couple of weeks recovery – the dog at the end of it is really better off. Hope that helps in a small way – good luck – you have a lovely dog

  6. peewiglet says:

    Many thanks, y’all, for welcome advice.

    Mike: Um… sounds like we’re on the same wavelength here…

    Alan: are you saying Piglet will become a cat?

    Gibson: Ta. I think you’re right. That’s what I’ve heard too.

    Mango: Woof woof! Fancy Master letting you read about bits removals. Say nothing to Piglet, at your peril…

    rob: That’s reassuring, thanks, and I’m v. glad to hear that your wee doggy is doing so well. Did you deliberately wait until she was 2, or was that just the way things worked out?

    I’ll prolly do it, but for now I have consigned the matter to the back of my mind for further mulling over the course of the next week…

  7. rob says:

    the decision was taken out of our hands – she has unfortunately had some health issues and so decided not to have a season until fairly recently. On balance, though, I do think it’s a good thing to let them mature a bit before going ahead with “it”.

    Good luck, am sure you’ll do what’s best for piglet.

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