Piss-Puss lurks in wait for Piglet

Being a Border Terrier, Piglet naturally has friends and allies on the Borders, and on Friday morning she commandeered the car and drove me up there for a weekend of fun, food and friendship with her pals, Mango Terrier and Mango’s brother, Gazza.

We had a brilliant time! Gourmet food, wonderful walks, music, conversation and even an excellent fiLm to watch. (Those terriers certainly know how to choose them.)

On Saturday the terrorists took Master, Mistress and me for walkies to Lindisfarne, where we ogled the castle, admired Gertrude Jekyll’s walled garden and browsed around in the rock pools on the beach.

The castle is more impressive from a distance than it is in close-up. Not realising that until we were close-up I rather stupidly didn’t get a picture, so here’s one of the beach to be going on with.

Beach on the Holy Isle

After the garden we made our way towards the shore…

Mistress, Master and Mango

…where there were many limpets and sea anenomes and interesting seaweeds and wracks to be inspected, and I spotted a man collecting something in a bucket. They turned out to be winkles, which will now be bound for France and Spain since he has no market for them over here.

Winkles on the Holy Isle

Now that we’re home Piglet wishes we were back there, and has taken to the cat’s bed with her wee rat.

Piggle and her wee rat in Piss-Puss's bed

Piglet sends thanks and warm licks to Mango and Gazza, and their kind Master and Mistress, and so do I ♥ (Oh, and the sourdough starter sends a burp from the fridge.)

3 Responses to Whoohoo!

  1. Graeme Andrews says:

    Any chance of keeping us posted on the progress with the sourdough and how you use it?

    I for one would like to hear, as my attempts at making rye sourdough bread have not been encouraging. The results have been edible, but could also, in an emergency, be used as an offensive weapon.

    • peewiglet says:

      Hi, Graham.

      Absolutely! Mango Terrier is the expert, and gave me the starter and wrote out instructions. I meant to have a go at a loaf y/day but I was distracted and so haven’t started yet. I will do soon, though, and I’ll certainly let you know how it goes.

      I’ll ask Mango if I can post the instructions on here. I tried one loaf and watched another being prepared over a 24 hour period. The bread was delicious–a really lovely sourdough twang to it–and it has to be said that the process didn’t look difficult. Having said that, Mango is a gourmet cook so it may not work out quite as well when I have a go *g*

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