Stranger and stranger…

I’m not good at remembering to check the land-line answerphone but I noticed it flashing this morning. I found there a message from a young woman from a Personnel Services company. She said she was ringing to ask whether I might be interested in a job as an ‘Inbound Sales & Services’ operative for the Co-Op bank, and she left a number and asked me to ring her back.

I couldn’t understand how she came to be ringing me, or even to have my name and telephone number, as I’ve not applied to any Personnel Services companies and nor have I applied to the Co-Op bank for a job. I rang, though, largely out of curiosity, and she said she’d rung me yesterday and that her call had been about a job in Skelmersdale for a salary of £12,750-£14,950 plus some commission and benefits.

Even more curious, I asked what the benefits were. She said she would put me onto a colleague who would tell me more. I asked whether her colleague would then pass me back, and she sounded a bit vague and said, “probably.”

So, 20 seconds or so later I was put onto a young man. He didn’t seem to know that he was meant to be telling me about benefits, so I explained the history of my telephone call so far, and why I came to be ringing. He then said the benefits included health care, a pension scheme and an annual bonus. He explained that the job involved taking incoming calls from customers and then trying to sell the bank’s products to them.

He asked if I’d be interested, and I said that potentially I would. He then said the first step would be to do a credit check. I said I’d expect the first step to be for me to make an application, but he said not, since it involved working for a bank. Um… what? I asked him the name of his company again, as I’d not got it down properly in the first instance, and said I’d go and look it up before considering the matter any further.

Is it just me, or does this sound peculiar in the extreme? Ringing people out of the blue in respect of jobs they’ve not applied for (I asked the young woman I initially spoke to how she came to have my name and telephone number, but she wasn’t able to tell me) and then wanting to do a credit check before a job has even been applied for…???

Is there some obvious scam I’m overlooking? I don’t intend to ring them back, btw, but if there’s something obvious that should have occurred to me as an explanation then please point it out. The name of the company is Rullion Personnel Services, and they do seem to exist.


8 Responses to Stranger and stranger…

  1. Sal says:

    Sounds well dodgy to me. I wonder if this ‘credit check’ they require involves a charge? Or perhaps asking for your financial details? Hmm. I recently had an email from BT warning me abut an internet scam. When I checked, it turned out that this email was itself a scam, so it was an email scam warning customers about an email scam!! (Insert head-hurting emoticon here)

  2. Gibson says:

    Sounds iffy to me. Credit checks, personal details and all that. If it were me, and I were interested in the job, I’d ring the bank.

  3. Laura says:

    Could this be a credit card scam?

    It does seem a most peculiar chain of events!

  4. JJ says:

    Rullion is certainly a respectable company….unless non-respectable cowboy has hi-jacked their company name.

    This happened to me soon after I closed my company down. A slimy rat purported to be working for my company selling digital cameras at stupidly low prices. Needless to say, the cameras didn’t exist. Customers sent their money…and never saw it again.

    I suspect the Rullion thing may be okay. Check by doing a quick Google on other branches of Rullion (I know there’s one in Manchester), phone them up and ask if the lot that called your are legit.


  5. Phil says:

    Yep, do as JJ suggests – I suspect that the real Rullion will be none too pleased!

  6. Hawthorns says:

    PW, be careful of this.

    I’d never heard of it but a work colleague told me that a scam along similar, although not identical, lines had been in the news quite recently.

    As others have said there is a genuine and apparently legitimate organisation going by the name of Rullion.


  7. Michale says:

    Not strange to be credit checked by a bank when you apply for a job, any bad credit or loans missed payments etc will get you chucked right out of the application process.

    But just ringing you out of the blue? That’s just odd. Sounds like a scam to get as many personnal details from you as possible, maybe for a identity fraud.

    If you havnt applied to a bank, ignore it and move on. They prey on people who might be desperate for employment they would try anything.

    really does sound like a scam, caution can never be a bad thing.

  8. Mike Mc says:

    Funny you should mention that, because I had a text from Rullion a month or two back about the same job in Skem. I never gave a thought about it being dodgy as I had done some work for them in Wigan four years ago.
    That job was arranged through their Warrington office. It may be worth contacting them there as they deal with this area alot.

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