It’s definitely not true…

…that the devil has all the best tunes. I’d like to know why so many of the best tunes have some sort of religious connotation. Still, and setting that interesting musing on one side for a moment…

This is beautiful: beautiful, envigorating, inspiring, cheering, shiny, joyful, heart-stoppingly, tummy-turningly, tear-prickingly wonderful music for a sunny morning. Somewhere on a dusty age-old cassette tape I have a favourite version, but I can’t find that right now (and besides–it’s not on YouTube), so here are a couple of stand-ins.

The first is just the tail-end of it (how-come-so-many-of-my-words-seem-to-be-coming-out-hyphenated-this-morning-?-?-?), to show you which tune it is, but WOW!!! What a fantastic 40 seconds of singing it is!!! The second is a fuller rendition.

Hang onto your hats when the first one gets going, and rejoice!


One Response to It’s definitely not true…

  1. Laura says:

    Great way to start the day – sunny here too! Now I have the goose pimples!

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