Sad news

I was more sorry than I can say to learn this evening from a Rufus Wainwright documentary that Kate McGarrigle died in January.

Here’s Rufus with Beauty Mark, which is about his mum.


One Response to Sad news

  1. Mango Terrier says:

    We all loved her. I recall years ago going to see them at Nightstage, a wonderful and generous club north of the Charles River in Boston. Her sister Jane – the Unknown McGarrigle – was with them. I’ve a tape of the show somewhere back in there – no doubt seriously degraded by now. That ferrous oxide surely does shed.

    My favourite has always been The French Albulm. And for me those sisters bring me back to Dublin in Autumn 1973, when we played forever Gram Parson’s posthumous release, Emmylou’s debut, and the Gorgeous Gargling Sisters first. We also had Linda Ronstadt’s killer offering. They’re all mighty works. But I do love the mischief of those sisters. Sloe eyes and dropping harmonies. Can’t be beat.

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