Photo printing help?

Drat. About to dash up to Kendal to get my Terrocs. Would normally be fun but there’s too much going on here ATM so it’s just a faff. Has to be done, though.

In the meantime, can any of you PC geniuses help with what feels like a really stupid question? I’m trying to print out some photos to frame and put on my father’s wall. However, the printer/Paint Shop Pro (can’t work out which) insists on leaving a margin of about 2mm on the left of the page and one of over a cm on the right. I can center it horizontally but nothing I’ve tried (and I’ve tried everything I can think of, over a period of about 4 hours split over two occasions) makes any difference. No matter what paper size I tell the printer I’m using, and no matter how wide I tell it the picture is, that margin is always there.

This is driving me mad. My father’s moving to a new care home tomorrow and I want to print out old pictures and have them waiting for him on the walls. I don’t want them to look a mess, though.

If you can help then I’ll be eternally grateful. My printer is an HP Deskjet of some sort, my graphics programme is Paint Shop Pro and I’m aiming for A4 sized paper. I don’t want to have to start trying to cut off a strip on the right of each picture. I’m sure there must be a simple way!


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  1. Mike Hooper says:

    Found this. Not Photoshop, but might help:

    “Small margins in MS Word

    When printing borderless images from MS Word, a small margin appears.

    The paper size must be set to borderless in both the application (MS Word) and the printer driver. To set borderless printing in the application, follow the steps below.

    Click File , then Page Setup .

    In the Page Setup dialog box, click the Paper tab.
    Under Paper Size, select the appropriate borderless paper size.

    To select borderless printing in the printer driver, follow the steps below.

    In the application, click File , and then click Print .

    In the Print dialog box, click Properties , and then click the Paper/Quality tab.

    Select the appropriate borderless paper size.

    NOTE: Under Paper Type, you cannot choose plain paper and print borderless. Choose photo or brochure paper instead. “

  2. Andy Dawkins says:

    You’d be far better off uploading the photos to any number of sites and have them print them for you. Far better results and cheaper than anything I have ever managed.

    Have a look at Snapfish (HP), Apple, Tesco, Costco to name but 4!


  3. GeoffC says:

    Printing right up to the very edge of the paper is a feature not available on all printers.

    On my Canon printer, when I issue a ‘Print…’ from the menu, a dialog box comes up which (among other things) allows the Printer Properties to be set. In the Printer Properties dialog, there is a ‘Page Setup’ tab. For my printer, there is a checkbox that says ‘Borderless Printing’, and when checked it invokes a special mode that allows it go right to the edge.

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks, Geoff: you’d think my HP printer would have a similar feature but it doesn’t seem to 😦 It does offer a few page setup options, but borderless printing isn’t one of them.

      I used to think that HP printers were really good: they always worked, were intuitive, didn’t cause any fuss etc. But this is the third in a row I’ve had that’s either not worked at all or has been a major faff to use. Will have to get something different next time.

  4. Phil says:

    I would agree with Andy on this one, except that I always want the prints NOW.

    So if I want a decent print I pop the pics on a memory stick, toddle in to Boots, plug the stick in to one of their serve yourself machines, and, hey presto, top quality prints!

    And really quite cheap too.

    I only ever print at home for ‘temporary’ prints – even on the so-called archive quality paper.

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks, Phil – perfect!

      Do I need to resize the photos on my PC before I put them on the memory stick or will the machine at Boots just produce them in the size I’ve asked for?

  5. DB (Byeways) says:

    PW, I have this problem sometimes, although it seems to occur at random. Usually I print straight from iPhoto but occasionally I’ll be outputting via an old version of Photoshop Elements and it can occur with either.

    Since, like yours, the margins on mine are fairly small, my solution (‘Cheat’ would be a better word) was simply to buy a cheap guillotine and just trim them clean.


  6. John Hesp says:

    Shirl, don’t know if you’ve solved this problem or found a way round it. I hate to state the obvious, but you might have overlooked something:

    Most likely your using A4 or A3 paper. Make sure that size is selected in Printer Properties in PSP. Some software/printers default to the American sizes – Letter for instance. Also, make sure your paper does actually measure as A4 – 210 x 297mm.

    If there are any resizing properties in the Printer Properties make sure they’re disabled.

    On my version of PSP, in the print dialogue box there’s the option to “Fit to Page”, “Centre to Page” and a couple of others. I generally click “Fit to page” first, then use the scale slider to make it a bit smaller. I might click “Centre to Page” after this to ensure it is central. This needs to be done after the paper size is selected.

    Hope we meet on the Challenge. Lunch at Charleton Farm?

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