Have woken to an email from http://www.wiggle.co.uk telling me that they’ve only just packed the order I put in on Sunday, so my Recolites won’t be arriving in time for the Challenge. That’s a blow. When I’ve bought stuff from them in the past it’s always come the next day.

This highlights a problem with couriers. I’d happily have paid extra for ‘next day’ delivery but I couldn’t because for that Wiggle use a courier. I have to wait in for a courier because if I miss them I have to make a 60+ mile round trip to collect the things, whereas if I miss the Royal Mail (or whatever they’re now called) the depot is only 10 minutes away by car. I therefore don’t buy things from people who use couriers. Since Wiggle have always been excellent on delivery in the past, and their standard delivery method is Royal Mail First Class, I took a chance, but it didn’t cross my mind that they wouldn’t even *pack* it until Wednesday! Sigh…

May look for some in Glasgow and send the Wiggle ones back when I get home.

So much to do today, but I’d rather stay in bed. I’m tired.

One Response to Bugger…

  1. Gibson says:

    Tired? Never mind, the invigorating temperatures up here (-6C last night)are sure to revive you. There’s snow on our local hills this morning too.

    Have a great time.

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