Challenge MP3 music — a wee fragment of it

Now that I have my darling Piglet home (she sends lix, btw) I’m spending a happy afternoon trawling YouTube for some of the things that helped me run up the steep, steep hillies and get through the long, cold nights.

Here are a few of them: some of the ones that accompany me on every walk. Happy memories!

There are lots more but I’m sure that’s enough for now.

Well, almost. Here’s my favourite ever walking song. This has been the accompaniment to many a secret boogie on a high hill, far away 🙂

6 Responses to Challenge MP3 music — a wee fragment of it

  1. Graeme Andrews says:

    Can I ask what sort of MP3 player you have and how many batteries/rechargings you got through during the walk?

    I have never bothered taking a player on my walks (usually 4 to 5 day wildcamping, restock somewhere, then off again) believing that the batteries would soon be drained. If I fell asleep while listening in the tent, that would be that.


    • peewiglet says:

      Hi Graeme,

      I have a 2GB Creative MuVo, which takes 1 x AAA battery. I use my MP3 player a lot–more often for audiobooks than for music these days–and so couldn’t possibly manage with something that can’t take ordinary batteries. I find that one AAA will last me 2-3 days of continuous use i.e. 8 or more hours per day.

      They used to be commonly available and quite cheap–I think I paid about £30 (maybe £40) for my 2GB one (I’ve got a 1GB and a 512MB too)–but suddenly they’re hard to get hold of. They’re well worth seeking out, though. Mine seem to be bomb-proof and I use them day in and day out in all conditions, making no attempt to keep them particularly dry. I can’t possibly recommend them more highly 🙂

      • Graeme Andrews says:

        Thanks, that’s very interesting, particularly the robustness and only requiring 1 x AAA. (I have a draw containing 3 dead mp3 players, average life expectancy approx 1 year.)

        I’ll see if I can find one somewhere.


        • peewiglet says:

          If you find a source then please let me know. I’d happily buy another, to keep it in reserve. I think it’s possible to get a 4GB, but I get loads of music and books on my 2GB.

  2. alan.sloman says:

    There are some real crackers in that selection; I have always adored Janice Ian’s; a hymn to the teenage years of angst! And as for Joan Armatrading: Such sublime power!Unfair to just pick out those two though – all crackers (well, perhaps not the Bananarama though….)

    • peewiglet says:

      I’m glad you liked ♥

      I loved the one of the elegantly dressed woman playing the Bach 🙂 Not the recording I’ve got, but I couldn’t find that one.

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