Aaagh… Major gut rot


Does 5 hours of cramping gut rot with puking count as food poisoning, d’you think? Or maybe I’m just dying. All I ate was chicken salad and 3 greenish bananas 😦

*makes hurried exit*

7 Responses to Aaagh… Major gut rot

  1. Gayle says:

    Can’t comment on whether it’s food poisoning, but it doesn’t sound very nice. Hope it doesn’t last much longer and you’re feeling better soon.

  2. blogpackinglight says:

    glad you are feeling better

  3. Mike Knipe says:

    Three greenish bananas?
    Good grief.
    Prolly the chicken, though.
    Not nice – sympathies are being sent by mind control….
    Try to eat proper things in future…. sausage egg and chips for instance. If you need fruit try some apple pie with ice cream.
    Just a few tips there for you….

    • peewiglet says:

      Thank you ♥

      I’m defo sticking to egg and chips in the future. It’s always been my favourite, and who needs fruit after all. Chips count as veggies, right?

  4. Mike Knipe says:

    You can have beans with the egg and chips, but fry the beans in the oil – much tastier….

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