Eep! Proof of incipient dementia…

I was upstairs about half an hour ago, drooling over a cookery programme on the television, when there was what sounded like a sudden wild thumping on the front door. I don’t generally answer it to wild thumping, but a minute or so later the door bell rang and so I went down.

On the doorstep was a Community Support Officer. Um… He asked whether the car parked outside was mine, and I confirmed that it was. He then asked whether I’d been to the Tesco Express in Albert Road yesterday. I wasn’t sure, because I’ve no idea where Albert Road is. I did have a vague recollection of visiting a Tesco Express the day before, though.

It turned out that I *had* gone to the Tesco Express, on the way to the pet shop to buy some new chews for Piglet, and had forgotten to pay for my petrol. Eek! I’d gone in and bought some other stuff–including those blasted greenish bananas–which I had paid for, but it seems I’d become distracted by the banana selection process and forgotten about the petrol when I got to the tills, despite having made a mental note of the pump number for once so that I didn’t have to say “That one in the corner behind the green Volvo next to the black Alfa Romeo” etc.

Fortunately it was apparent to both the CSO and Tesco that I’d not done it deliberately, since I’d only put £20.21 of petrol in and I’d then spent about 5 minutes in the shop buying bananas and stuff. Apparently determined petrol filchers don’t normally go about things in that way. After I got over the intitial shock it was actually quite amusing *g*

Still, though… I do regard it as proof that I’m definitely going round the bend…


6 Responses to Eep! Proof of incipient dementia…

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Losing the marbles eh? – it takes diesel, doesn’t it?

    Did you remember Piglet’s chews, though?

  2. Phil says:

    Oh dear, Shirl,

    I hope you haven’t forgotten the forty quid you owe me.


  3. Alan Rayner says:

    Just to prove that you are not on your own with this dilemma. Having been in the loft sorting the gear out for weekend. I decided to have a brew, so i made myself a coffee and a sandwich.
    I sat down in the comfy sofa with my coffee and yes you have probably guessed it. I didn’ t boil the water. Yuk.

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