Save the George & Dragon in Garrigill!

The wonderful pub in Garrigill -- closed!

Catching up with blogs this morning, I’ve just read on Mike Knipe‘s that the wonderful George & Dragon pub in Garrigill is currently closed. (I’ve stolen the piccy from Mike’s site: I hope he doesn’t mind.) Apparently locals are getting together to try to work out whether they can afford to save it.

Everybody who’s done the Pennine Way will know this wonderful place. It wasn’t open the first time I was there, as I was there at the wrong time of day, but when I did most of the PW again in March 2008 it was open, and it was one of the most comfy and hospitable pubs I’ve ever had the great pleasure to fall scruffily into, after a long day on the hills. No makeovers had taken place, and I settled happily into a seat and fell into conversation with some blokes I’d seen earlier in the day as I was crawling, on hands and knees, up Cross Fell in gale force winds, through thick snow. I had to leave an hour later to find somewhere to camp, but the memory of that golden hour shines bright in the trove of piggly backpacking treasured memories.

There’s a petition here that can be signed. I don’t know whether the pub can be saved, but surely it’s worth a signature in the hope that something can be done.


7 Responses to Save the George & Dragon in Garrigill!

  1. Gibson says:

    It’s not an area I’m ever in but, from your description, it sounds like a place worth saving so I’ve signed the petition.

  2. Mike Knipe says:

    I signed the petition!

    Good photo by the way……

  3. Laura says:

    Petition signed – though I’ve never visited this pub I really hate to see good walkers’ pubs closing.

  4. peewiglet says:

    Thanks, peeps. Having looked a little closer, I see that it’s been closed for a while, now. What a shame.

  5. alan.sloman says:

    Have signed also but wonder if the petition is still active as our names do not appear on it. It would be a crying shame to lose this little gem.

    • peewiglet says:

      I think it prolly just takes a little time for new names to come up, Alan. I remember something similar with another petition I signed earlier in the year.

  6. Thanks for linking to our petition. It is active, we just filter signatures due to people spamming it. There is a fully active campaign to get the pub open again, whether that is someone leasing or buying the pub, community buyout, we are just not sure yet. So, wish us luck!

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