Wow… Chris Thile playing Bach and other stuff

I was looking at some Nickel Creek vids on YouTube last night. In fact, I think I posted Sweet Afton.

Browsing a little further this morning, though, I’ve come across Chris Thile playing some Bach. He really is simply astounding with that mandolin!

Here he is playing something of his own…

…and here he is with Nickel Creek (sadly no more, it seems) doing The Fox.

And here they are doing The House of Tom Bombadil.

This one contains footage of him playing aged 8 or so. Hmmm…. I suppose this is why he can play like that and I can’t 🙂


One Response to Wow… Chris Thile playing Bach and other stuff

  1. Peter Crawford says:

    He is good. If you ever get a chance check out Richard Durrant. His live show consists of a run through some gems from the classical repetoire followed by a weird and wonderful second half where he plays ukeleles, mandolins, electric twelve-strings, you name it, and tackles some very avantgarde stuff by the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. At the halftime break he invites the audience up on stage to play any of the dozens of instruments available. Top man.

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