4 June, 2010


What a day…

2 June, 2010

My sister and I took Daddy out for lunch. Things started well, but ended badly.

Afterwards, Piglet suggested a walk on the beach, and what a good idea that was. It was as lovely an evening as I remember enjoying down there.

Walking in a hot place — suggestions?

2 June, 2010

The sunshine has inspired me to get out to a lovely hot place and walk, again. My first thoughts were of the GR20, but (i) I’ve already done it quite recently, and (ii) the new booking system is too much of a faff for me to contemplate, if it’s being enforced.

Any suggestions? I could always go back to the Pyrenees and do another 14 days along the Haute Route, but I’m wondering what else might be around. My preference is for camping outside Refuges, and doing some eating inside them (it’s great fun, trying out the fledgling French).

All suggestions welcome 🙂

Great British Menu

2 June, 2010

Great British Menu

I’ve been catching up with Great British Menu since my return, and as a daily 30 minute televisual food fix it’s quite good fun.

Really, though, I find the regular references to Prince Charles as the great ‘champion’ of good British food to be intrusively sycophantic. All that wittering on, along the lines of, “Well, your starter is all very well but is it *really* the kind of thing fit to be served up to Prince Charles?” Bleuch…

George has videos!

2 June, 2010

George's video evidence...

Ooh! More catching up has revealed video evidence, on George’s Londonbackpacker blog, of the last dance at the Moorfield Hotel in Braemar on the middle Saturday of the Challenge.

What fun it was! Thanks, George, for preserving the moment ♥

Save the George & Dragon in Garrigill!

2 June, 2010

The wonderful pub in Garrigill -- closed!

Catching up with blogs this morning, I’ve just read on Mike Knipe‘s that the wonderful George & Dragon pub in Garrigill is currently closed. (I’ve stolen the piccy from Mike’s site: I hope he doesn’t mind.) Apparently locals are getting together to try to work out whether they can afford to save it.

Everybody who’s done the Pennine Way will know this wonderful place. It wasn’t open the first time I was there, as I was there at the wrong time of day, but when I did most of the PW again in March 2008 it was open, and it was one of the most comfy and hospitable pubs I’ve ever had the great pleasure to fall scruffily into, after a long day on the hills. No makeovers had taken place, and I settled happily into a seat and fell into conversation with some blokes I’d seen earlier in the day as I was crawling, on hands and knees, up Cross Fell in gale force winds, through thick snow. I had to leave an hour later to find somewhere to camp, but the memory of that golden hour shines bright in the trove of piggly backpacking treasured memories.

There’s a petition here that can be signed. I don’t know whether the pub can be saved, but surely it’s worth a signature in the hope that something can be done.

Eep! Proof of incipient dementia…

1 June, 2010

I was upstairs about half an hour ago, drooling over a cookery programme on the television, when there was what sounded like a sudden wild thumping on the front door. I don’t generally answer it to wild thumping, but a minute or so later the door bell rang and so I went down.

On the doorstep was a Community Support Officer. Um… He asked whether the car parked outside was mine, and I confirmed that it was. He then asked whether I’d been to the Tesco Express in Albert Road yesterday. I wasn’t sure, because I’ve no idea where Albert Road is. I did have a vague recollection of visiting a Tesco Express the day before, though.

It turned out that I *had* gone to the Tesco Express, on the way to the pet shop to buy some new chews for Piglet, and had forgotten to pay for my petrol. Eek! I’d gone in and bought some other stuff–including those blasted greenish bananas–which I had paid for, but it seems I’d become distracted by the banana selection process and forgotten about the petrol when I got to the tills, despite having made a mental note of the pump number for once so that I didn’t have to say “That one in the corner behind the green Volvo next to the black Alfa Romeo” etc.

Fortunately it was apparent to both the CSO and Tesco that I’d not done it deliberately, since I’d only put £20.21 of petrol in and I’d then spent about 5 minutes in the shop buying bananas and stuff. Apparently determined petrol filchers don’t normally go about things in that way. After I got over the intitial shock it was actually quite amusing *g*

Still, though… I do regard it as proof that I’m definitely going round the bend…