Further update on Alan’s hand

They've got him sussed...

Evening, peeps!

Well, the plot continues to thicken in relation to Alan’s bashed hand.

The doctors in Carlisle have decided that Newcastle is definitely the place for him, as they have micro-surgeons there who patch up severely bashed hands every day. He’s in Carlisle hospital again tonight, but tomorrow morning he’s going to be conveyed to Newcastle in a swarm of flashing blue lights, to be seen in the Hands and Plastics Trauma Clinic. I’m v. much hoping that they’ll go on and do the business surgically tomorrow, before the bits that were hanging off yesterday afternoon give up the ghost.

A continues to put on a brave face. Mind you, with a face like that I suppose he’s had to learn to be brave!

(Heh… just joking, Gitface!)

Alan relaxing in his hospital bed

Seriously, though, he’s very stoical. I confess that I’m amazed. I’ve seen no sign of this stoicism before now. Just touch him accidentally and he jumps as though he’s been kicked! When important bits are hanging off, though, it seems that he can grit his teeth with the best of them. He’s doing much better than I’d have done: that’s for sure.

Enjoying the effects of all those pain-killing drugs

The clinic appointment is at 11am tomorrow morning, and it’s not yet clear whether he’ll be able to have his hand sorted and leave hospital later in the day. My instinct is that he’ll still be in Newcastle hospital tomorrow night, though, and if that’s what happens then Piglet and I hope to take him home to Cambridge the following day. But until after the clinic appointment we’ll be playing things by ear.

I see that the wounded warrior has dragged his uninjured crubeen to his mobile to respond briefly to some postings here and on Martin‘s blog. He can’t do much with just one hand, though, and when I told him about all y’all kind messages earlier in the day he was very chuffed.

I’ll post again tomorrow when there’s more news. In the meantime, though, thank you for the lovely postings and emails and texts. Both of us appreciate them lots ♥ ♥ ♥

12 Responses to Further update on Alan’s hand

  1. Andrew Walker says:

    Hello Peeps.
    Good luck tomorrow Alan old chap.
    Hope to see you guys when you are back down in the Fens.
    By the way, my Mum is a bit better, but they are keeping her in for a couple of days.

  2. Phreerunner says:

    The link from your comment on my blog does work. Hopefully some serious inroads into sorting out the bashed hand can be made tomorrow. Good luck.

  3. Hope it goes well today in Newcastle, Alan. Shirl’s detailed picture of the gore was far too graphic and I was forced to drink a beer for you! All the best. We’re thinking of you.

  4. blogpackinglight says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Alan Slowhand”? Go easy on the drugs or it’ll be “Sloweverything”

    Best of luck with the op and hoping for a speedy recovery.

    I’ll be up in the Lakes next week assiduously avoiding barbed wire!

    Well done PW for looking after the wounded war hero 😉

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks, Robin ♥

      I’m hoping to be promoted to Dish Washer Loader now that I’ve proved my competence to Alan 😉

      Good luck in the Lakes. I’ll cross my crubeens for some decent weather for you. It’s peeing down here as I type, though.

  5. Phil says:

    “When important bits are hanging off …”

    OMG – it wasn’t just the hand he caught then?

    Give the old bastard all our best wishes for a good stitch up in Newcastle 🙂

  6. Theo says:

    “Mind you, with a face like that I suppose he’s had to learn to be brave! ”

    So it’s not only the hand that needs plastic churgery ?

    Best of luck, Alan, and a speedy recovery !

  7. Mick says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Gayle and I have been following the developing story on the blog with mouths agape. Give our best wishes to Alan and we hope for his speedy recovery and return to the hills.

    Once Gayle manages to get out of this working habit she’s fallen into, we’ll try to meet up with you all again.

    TGOC entry is in, so fingers crossed.

    PS Originally posted this on Martin’s blog – I’m getting confused in my old age.

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