Another update re: Alan

They've got him sussed...

Well, I’ve just spoken to Alan. He’s going to be admitted to the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle this afternoon. They may be able to fit in the surgery this evening after 5pm, but otherwise they plan to do it tomorrow.

Either way, he’s going to be in the RVI for at least one night. They’re digging him out a bed at the moment.

If anybody in that neck of the woods is able to pop in and see him this afternoon then I know he’d appreciate it. He got very little sleep last night, he hasn’t had a chance to get a wash and brush up (ugh!) and he hasn’t had anything to eat since midnight. He can’t eat today either, in case they get a chance to do his hand this evening, and so that in itself is a bit miserable 😦

Further news to follow as the drama unfolds.

One Response to Another update re: Alan

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    I’ve sent you an email. Just caught up with this post (drat and double drat, late again…. )

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