The Sick List Lengthens…

Poor wee thing

Unfortunately, it’s not just Alan on the Sick List after the Peebles to Moffat jaunt.

Little Piglet was an absolute star for almost the whole thing: dashing energetically up and down the line of walkers, keeping her pack in order, and attempting at all times to lead from the front.

Wee Piglet

(I promised her I wouldn’t mention the unfortunate incident of the Early Morning Alarm Call that occurred in the tiny hours of Sunday morning, when Piglet spotted a menacing rock located a few feet from the tents, and set up a series of ear-piercing barks that continued (despite vigorous discouragement from me, which included the lobbing in Piglet’s direction of Alan’s 3L water container) for several minutes which felt like hours. So I won’t.)

When we got back, though, I noticed what I thought was some tangled fur in the crooks of her little elbows (or arms, or whatever they are). I tried to comb them out but Piglet cried piteously, which isn’t like her at all, and when I looked more closely I found some cruel sprigs of sharp heather embedded in her coat. One little crook is rubbed red and furless, and the other is weepy and slightly infected 😦

We took a trip to Piglet’s excellent vet this morning, and Piglet has now been established on a 4 day course of Cortisone and 10 days of antibiotics. She didn’t want to get up this morning but the cat had a word or two, and now that she’s had brekky, a poo and a fart Piglet looks a little brighter. She’s now curled up on a couch with a blanket, watching the Cookery Channel on television.

Alan is now at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, which is a Centre of Excellence in relation to the mending of super-bashed hands. I’m awaiting a call to find out what the plan is once they’ve finished poking and prodding his hand in the Hands and Plastic Trauma Clinic.

Having suffered almost 2 years of misery and anguish at the hands of the incompetent side of the NHS in relation to my poor father, it’s truly a head-spinning experience for me to have met with such brilliant treatment for Alan from both the hospital in Carlisle and (this morning by telephone) the RVI. They truly have been absolutely tremendous, though: efficient, kind, empathetic and unpatronising. We’ll be writing them a Very Nice Letter Indeed once this whole sorry thing is over.

Further updates will follow later re: Alan when the plan becomes clear. In the meantime, though, it’s goodbye from me 🙂

3 Responses to The Sick List Lengthens…

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    Ahhhh, poor wee Piglet. She was very busy for a few days, there.

    I’m not too far away from Newcastle, Shirl, so if there’s anything needed, let me know. (I’m off to Wales saturday, but hopefuly, he’ll be home by then)

  2. Phreerunner says:

    I wasn’t aware of Piglet’s problems when we spoke just now. Hope she makes a speedy recovery. She was most impressive during the walk.

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