For the person who emailed requesting the stew recipe… apologies!

Apologies to the person who emailed me about a month ago asking for the recipe for the dehydrated scrummy stew I consumed with so much pleasure on the Challenge this year. I’ve scoured my inbox but have been unable to locate the email in question, but I do remember that it arrived.

I’d love to be able to take the credit for what was one of the yummiest dehydrated meals I’ve ever eaten, but the credit must go to Andy Howell, whose recipe it was. You can read all about it on his page here.

It’s worth mentioning in passing that (a week ago, at least) Tesco had a 2 packets for £5 offer on their organic minced beef, which brought it down to the same price as their standard mince (from less happy cows). I used the organic mince last year, and I’m about to make another batch. Yum!

4 Responses to For the person who emailed requesting the stew recipe… apologies!

  1. alan.sloman says:

    That looks good to me… 3 hours of simmering plus the preparation time, then dehydrating it then rehydrating and cooking it…. All for one meal!

    It had better be good!

  2. DB (Byeways) says:

    It looks great; probably tastes good an’ all.

    Puts some of my dry, curly, past their ‘use by’ date, been in the bottom of the sack since last trip, efforts in perspective. I am shamed.

    • Peewiglet says:

      Hey, you’re certainly not shamed! I still eat Beanfeast and Smash most of the time… *g*

      This one’s definitely worth a try, though, if you have a dehydrator. And if you haven’t then here’s a great opportunity to get one!

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