Cookery programmes, music and stuff

Well, here I am typing from my real keyboard at my desktop computer for the first time since… lemme see… mid July, I think! The screen looks absolutely HUGE, I have finally have music again ♥ and the spacebar doesn’t stick 🙂

I’ve been keeping a close eye on various cookery programmes, as usual, and having endured enjoyed a whole 4 months (!) of the first series of Australian Masterchef I’m now well into the second series. This series seems to be shorter, which is a bit of a relief. Much as I enjoyed all but the preliminary stages of the first one, I did feel as the final episodes approached as though I was nearing the end of some sort of gruelling mountain marathon of the mind…

I’m also delighted to see what I think must be the third series of Masterchef: The Professionals well underway. My money’s been on Claire the Scouser from the start, and I wiped away a small tear of joy and relief to see her win her place in the Finals, which start next week. I was sorry to see young Alice go–a closely fought battle, and I felt she was a bit unlucky to lose it–but I’m sure she’ll do well, whatever she does next.

Piglet continues to thrive, along with Puss-Puss. I’ve promised her a run in the woods a little later, but I suppose we’d better get a move on if we’re not going to be stuck out in the dark again, as we were a couple of days ago. It’s hard enough to keep track of Piglet’s rabbit-chasing antics in daylight, and virtually impossible after about 6pm, now that the days have begun to close in.

Here’s something I’ve not listened to for ages. I used to do a lot of running to this song, and listening to it now brings back an echo of pre-race tummy butterflies.

2 Responses to Cookery programmes, music and stuff

  1. Hi there – I found your blog while roaming around some long-distance walking sites and have much enjoyed reading your trip reports. My walking is mostly low-level day trips (though I did backpack a bit in my teens) but I really like reading about the big journeys you do, so please do keep on posting such excellent accounts of them. If time and courage permit, I might get inspired…

    PS: I’m a big James Taylor and Dick Gaughan fan too!

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello there, Quizzical Obeserver, and thank you very much indeed for your kind comments about my trip reports ♥ I still have to write up this year’s TGO Challenge, and hopefully your words have given me the poke I needed to think about getting on with it.

      Don’t let any imagined lack of courage deter you from undertaking an exciting backpacking trip, btw. As long as you have the kit you need to keep you safe, and a degree of familiarity with its use, you’re likely to be absolutely fine. I do hope you’ll get out and give it a go, if you’d like to.

      It’s too long since I listened to a lot of James Taylor. Perhaps I’ll dig out a couple of CDs tomorrow and put them on my MP3 player. Thanks for the reminder about that as well.

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