Tune — Boogie!


I love the lazy and tummy-twistingly wonderful wandering bass guitar line 🙂 I’d happily dispense with the middle, but I can live with it for the ultra-funky intro and the end.

Here’s a version closer to the way God Bach wrote it.

And here it is on guitar! (I’m just off to burn mine…)


2 Responses to Tune — Boogie!

  1. JH says:

    Don’t burn it!! I’m not saying that guy with the guitar cheated, but it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in his front room to me. I bet you’d sound better in a recording studio too.

    What a diverse taste in music you have. Thanks for all these vids, they took me on an hour long tour of YouTube.


    • peewiglet says:

      You’re very kind *g* but hearing stuff played like this always makes me wonder why I even try! Still, I won’t be burning the guitar just yet 🙂

      I’m v. glad you enjoyed the vids. Browsing through Youtube for music is one of my favourite activities ♥

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