Boogie, boogie, boogie!

I know this is one of the tunes I posted a few days ago, but since then I’ve barely been able to stop listening to it. The playing is so sparklingly light and lovely, but at the heart of it is tummy-twistingly wonderful Bach.

Eugen Cicero was born in Romania in 1940, and by the age of 6 he was playing a Mozart piano-concerto with the Klausenburg symphony orchestra. Over the course of the next 57 years he made a name for himself playing jazz versions of a range of classical works.

I’m not a great fan of jazz, and I’d never heard of Eugene Cicero until I made a search for Bach’s Badinerie in Google a few days ago. Having heard how he played this, though, I’m once again torn between joy at having stumbled across something that I know I’m going to enjoy for the rest of my life and depression at the realisation that there are so many pieces of music out there with the potential to make me dance around the room that I’m never going to hear 😦

If you didn’t listen when I first put it up then do take a quick look now: it’s truly magical!

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