Adventures at home, abroad and in the Australian jungle

Light fades on the beach this evening

What an exciting day Piglet and I have had!

This morning we got on the cross-channel modem thingy and zipped across to commune with other Border Terriers, and their families, in La Belle France. Le français BT owners are incredibly welcoming, and bore patiently with my linguistic cockups as I first of all explained that I had une petite Terrier de Frontière (apparently they’re just called… well, Border Terriers, over there: oops!) and then told one of the other posters that her photos were absolutely HUGE when what I actually meant to say was that they were great! *blush* That led to a bit of a rumpus (as far as it’s possible for me to tell from the online translation widget), but I think I managed to expliquer the nature of my error in the end. Anyway, it looks like a great place, and both Piglet (who is now known as ma petite Louloute) and I look forward to brushing up our language skillz.

After that we went out to the woods for a run (in Piglet’s case) and a walk (in mine), and that was fun as well. Piglet was a little hyper, and barked ferociously at a large boxer which walked past with its owner. Thank goodness the boxer was on a lead, because had it run at Piglet then I know she’d have shot away screaming. Piggly then had a minor scrap with a Jack Russell, but that ended well with mutual lickings and swappings of kibble. We got down to the beach just as the sun was going down, and for a few minutes it was sublimely beautiful. Soon after that it became difficult to see where we were going, though, and I’m not sure I’d have been able to make it home had Piglet not led me unerringly back through the sandhills (quite complicated even in daylight) with the assistance of her sensitive little nose (and a small compass she conceals behind her collar).

The third exciting thing was the return of Celebrity this evening on ITV. I look forward to it all year, and this evening it didn’t disappoint 🙂 I know from past experience that things can change rapidly there, but based on this evening’s performance Brit Ekland is already looking like a front-runner to me, and I thought Kayla Collins (um… what’s a ‘playmate’?) and Stacey Solomon (from X Factor, apparently) both did well. I’m afraid that the loathsome Nigel Havers always brings out the very worst in me, and so I couldn’t help laughing with vindictive delight when he tipped out of a canoe as a result of his own idiocy in standing up while somebody else was disembarking, and then had a major sense of humour failure and tried to blame it all on the other bloke! Since the other bloke was Lembit Opik (can it really be spelled that way?) NH got away with it (politicians almost always get voted out first), but I reckon we had a brief glimpse of his true couleurs, and it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on.

Right! Must go and watch the follow-up thingy, now: hurrah for the hilarious Russell Kane, who made me laugh so much last year 🙂

One Response to Adventures at home, abroad and in the Australian jungle

  1. Alan.sloman says:

    Happy Birthday Piglet!

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