More Computers — Anyone used them, because…?

I’m just wondering whether anybody has any experience of More Computers. I ordered some stuff from them yesterday, and paid almost £10 for next day delivery, but I didn’t receive the promised despatch confirmation email yesterday evening, and there’s still nothing this morning.

I started ringing them just after 9am so that I could be sure whether I have to spend the whole day waiting in for a courier of not, but have now spent two separate periods of 15 minutes on the phone listening to a recorded promise to be put through to an operator soon. The online tracking feature doesn’t work because I haven’t received an order number, not having received a confirmatory email. Despite all this, Paypal confirms that the payment was completed at about 11.30am yesterday morning.

I used them because I see that they won a PC Pro award for good customer service last year, but I’m wondering whether anybody out there actually knows them. I hope I’ve not just wasted my money.

Edited to add: Well, I’ve finally heard from them that my things are en route via City Link for delivery today, so that’s a relief.

Further edited to add: The parcel has arrived, so in the end it was pretty good service. I think the snow in some other parts of the country must simply have taken them by surprise yesterday afternoon. All’s well that ends well, then. Thanks, More Computers 🙂

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