Wow! Thick snow here — Piglet goes cracker dog!

Piglet in the snowy garden

Well we’ve had a bit of a sprinkling over the last couple of weeks, but no more than that. This evening, though, inches of thick, white snow have fallen in the course of just the last 90 minutes!

We don’t tend to get a lot of snow here, so children are out celebrating and small dogs are racing madly around gardens, kicking up clouds in the snowy grass and trying to catch snow flakes in their hot, pink mouths. Meanwhile, cats watch sniffily from the comfort of heated internal window sills, and wonder what all the fuss is about 🙂


3 Responses to Wow! Thick snow here — Piglet goes cracker dog!

  1. mike knipe says:

    Just a light dusting here in Pieland, Shirley. Bruno not impressed. Maybe tomorrow.

    I sent you a Moffat-Peebles email by the way, but it bounced…..

    • peewiglet says:

      Howdy, Mike. I’d have expected you to have had a thick layer of snow up there by now!

      I’ve had to change my email address (temporarily, I hope) because I accidentally let my domain name expire. I posted something about it on here a week or so ago and should prolly stick it to the top of the page again. The only difference in my email ATM is that where it once was ‘peewiglet’ it’s now ‘weepiglet’. In the meantime, I can’t receive any email at my old addy 😦 Will you please re-send to the new address? ♥

  2. tag/pets/ says:


    […]Wow! Thick snow here — Piglet goes cracker dog! « Peewiglet's Plog[…]…

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