Blackberry 9300 — Impressed

Blackberry 9300

This is just a quick post to say how impressed I am with my new Blackberry.

It’s not all good: the querty keyboard is useful but the little keys are really awfully small: my fingers are pretty svelte, and I wonder how peeps with bigger digits manage to type. Also, it’s not in the same league as the lovely iPhone, in terms of general sexiness and loveliness of touch-screen internet manipulation and navigation. I’m sure the apps are better in iPhone land too. And the iPhone screen is much larger, of course.

However… for communications it’s absolutely wonderful! I got one because a v. good pal of mine has one, and loved it. She told me that all she had to do to set up her email was enter her email address and password–none of that stuff that’s normally necessary about identifying hosts/ISPs/whatever, and various bits of techno mumbo-jumbo. I was a little sceptical, but she was absolutely right! I turned it on and told it my email addy and password, and the next minute I was getting my emails on my phone. I have several email addies, and so a few minutes after that I was getting *all* of them as soon as they were delivered. Impressive.

Although the iPhone prolly has the best selection of apps in the world, the Blackberry has lots of good ones too. I just don’t buy them via B/berry App World’s weird Paypal setup *g* I’ve been very happy with them, anyway, and spent about two whole days just downloading stuff and trying it out. I love gadgets, so I was in clover 🙂

I’ve also been v. impressed by the WordPress app thingy for Blackberries. I’ve yet to work out how to make piccies appear in the correct sort of size, but everything other than that was seamless. If I take this little thing camping then I’ll have no problem at all blogging.

I just thought I’d mention this for the benefit of anyone who might be considering a Blackberry. There are lots of models, of course, and it may be that I should have got one of the higher-spec ones, but this one is ‘only’ £20pm from Vodafone with unlimited texts and lots of phone minutes and loads of internet access. (If you ring them, they’ll give you £5 off the website prices, as far as I can see, as a reward for doing it over the phone rather than in a shop. So I’m getting the £25pm deal for £20pm.)

Right! Off to eat dinner now.

2 Responses to Blackberry 9300 — Impressed

  1. phill says:

    I too had a Blackberry but like you said the keys are small. They fustrated me so much that I gave it to my daughter. I now have a toutch screen and it’s much better.

  2. Gayle says:

    I love my Blackberry! It’s a Curve 8320 in my case., Didn’t think I’d get on with the small keys to start with, but I’ve done all of my mobile blogging with it over the last couple of years and can knock out 1000 words a night without a problem (although I am trying hard not to be quite so verbose on the current trip!).

    I couldn’t be doing with typing (or worse trying to edit) that much text on the iPhone, although I have taken my iPod Touch (essentially an iPhone but without the phone or the camera) on the current trip mainly so that I can use it as an e-book, but with the added bonus of having ‘proper’ internet wherever I can get a wifi signal. So, between the two gadgets, I have the best of both worlds.

    Despite having had the Blackberry for knocking on for 2 years, I’ve not investigated the world of Apps for it yet.

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