More Paypal weirdness

I had what felt to me like a disturbing Paypal-related experience a couple of weeks ago, which I described here.

This morning I’ve had another. I was trying to buy some 1:25k Quo map tiles from Mapyx, and when I got to the payment part I clicked on Paypal as the method. The screen that came up wasn’t the usual Paypal payments screen, and it said at the top ‘Welcome to the new Paypal Checkout – A faster, easier way for you to complete your purchase’. I had the impression initially that I might still have been on the Mapyx page, rather than the Paypal page, and there wasn’t the usual little security padlock symbol at the bottom of the page, and so I rang Paypal to check that all was well.

The bloke I spoke to told me that they haven’t made any changes “yet”, and advised me to go over to Ebay in order to see what the Paypal screen should look like. When I pointed out that I’d have to buy something to see the screen he suggested that I should simply not complete the Ebay purchase. Um…??? He advised me to go to the Paypal site and report the incident as a potential fraud, so that they can check out the page.

I’m quite sure Mapyx are entirely legitimate, so I rang to ask whether they could explain what was going on. The bloke I spoke to there was very helpful, and said he thought it might have something to do with new arrangements that Paypal are introducing for businesses. I paid him over the phone instead, so now I have my tiles.

I do wonder, though, whether Paypal is in the process of attempting to introduce a global system whereby users are expected to share their Paypal login details with vendor sites rather than being directed to the Paypal site to enter them there. If they do then I for one won’t be using Paypal any more. I do hope that’s not the plan, because I’ve found paying with Paypal very convenient for a number of years now.

11 Responses to More Paypal weirdness

  1. JH says:

    PayPal’s okay, and I do use it occasionally, especially on Ebay. However it’s always struck me as being a bit shaky compared to the credit or debit cards of Visa, Mastercard or others.

    I’ve only once had a problem with a Visa card, and that was a case of someone using my card number to buy four or five hundred quids worth of stuff. Luckily I noticed the same day (the wonders of internet banking), phoned the bank up (Smile) and they reimbursed the money and gave me a new card number immediately.

    Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky, but whilst PayPal hasn’t thrown up any losses like that, it has produced a number of irritating situations, perhaps the worst of which (not from my POV) was me paying several hundred pounds for a large printer on Ebay, picking it up from Plymouth and then being told that the money had never reached their account. They eventually sorted it out with my and PayPal’s help, and the temporary loss of the money was their fault not PayPal’s or mine, but once again it reminded me of the PayPal pitfalls which can ensnare the unwary.

    To give them credit they do send me an email every month asking me to check my accounts. I think this is very good advice.

    “Your session has timed out” isn’t quite true for me yet, but I’m not a big fan. Why have you preferred them over a debit or credit card if you don’t mind me asking?


    ps Got a place on the TGOC last Thursday 🙂

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hi there!

    I just find them very convenient. I don’t have to nip downstairs to get the card when I want to buy something online, and (rightly or wrongly) I’ve always felt that I was spreading my account access details around less liberally by only using them.

    Congrat’s on your Challenge place! You must be very excited 🙂 I’ve had to drop out as (finally, fingers crossed) I seem to be selling my house, and if all goes well then we’ll be completing the transactions during Challenge time.

    Where are you starting?

    • JH says:

      I’m sorry you’ve had to drop out – it sounds like I might be stepping into your walking shoes. Very pleased that you’re near to selling the house though. How exciting!

      I’m starting from Torridon. I’d already bought train tickets to that area with a plan to walk up the west coast. Just working out a route over the weekend. I think you started from Torridon? I miss your TGOC accounts sorely.


  3. Andrew W says:

    Interesting, because I bought a couple of tent skewers today for Wendy (the tent not a person), via Paypal at, and it was normal PayPal, so maybe it is just Quo. I don’t need any tiles at the moment or I would test it out.

  4. Andrew W says:

    I also got something off ebay and that was normal PayPal.

  5. Alan says:

    It does seem to be yourself who is having these issues with Paypal for some reason. Reading you last episode i passed it round to my email list and none of my contacts or myself are having problems with Paypal. Seems a little odd.
    I don’t use Mapyx but i do use lots of other outdoor sites without any issues.

    Hope you get back to a status quo soon.
    Sorry you are not challenging this time, we always look forward to your interviews and stories but the move is more important. Good luck with the oncoming stress.

    • peewiglet says:

      Hi, Alan.

      The first issue isn’t confined to me, because other people using the Blackberry App World site have encountered it too. They didn’t seem to mind sharing their Paypal login details with a vendor site, though, so to them it wasn’t an issue.

      Yesterday’s is a little odd, because the bloke I spoke to at Paypal said they haven’t yet introduced a new payments page. I’ve just checked, though, and it’s still there via the Mapyx site this morning.

      Anybody can see it, presumably, by going to the Mapyx site, logging in, choosing a product and then following the Paypal links. Just don’t complete the purchase, of course, unless you want the product 🙂 I’ll make a new post with a screenprint showing the page that comes up for me (for some reason I’ve never been able to work out how to get a picture into a reply).

      I’m sorry to be missing the Challenge, but I really do need to try to get this house-moving stuff done and dusted. I’m looking forward to listening to the podcasts that other peeps produce, and following it that way. Are you going this year?

  6. Alan says:

    Wish i was but Sheila is a few longish backpacks off a challenge entry yet. I am not pushing her into that territory she doubts, until she feels comfortable with the decision to do 2 weeks. I enjoy walking with her and therefore i can wait.

    • peewiglet says:

      Perhaps next year, then. I certainly agree about holding off until Sheila feels comfy with longer backpacks: a gruelling slog is no fun, and enough to put a person off for ever.

  7. Andrew W says:

    I appear to have lost your email address.
    But I have just sent you a DVD with the MP£ tracks we talked about in the Lakes last weekend.
    I have also got a write up on my blog Here if you have not already spotted it.
    Could you send me copies of the photos from Camp 2, the ones with the ZOOM lens, when you get time.

    Many Thanks


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