House surveys — how long?

Can anybody who has recent experience of house surveys give me any idea of how long the reports normally take to come back?

My buyer’s buyer surveyed my buyer’s house 2 weeks ago. Despite Easter, I’d have expected the report to have come back by now, but my Estate Agent says 2 weeks is normal and is reluctant to make telephone enquiries until later in the week. Since Friday is another Bank Holiday, though, and my buyer is currently only 1/3 of the way through a 3 week holiday abroad (and is going off abroad on business for another week the day after he returns from holiday), I’m keen to try to find out whether there’s been a problem with his survey or not.

Does anybody know whether I’m being unrealistic with timescales? Thanks for any guidance.

2 Responses to House surveys — how long?

  1. robert says:

    hello there shirl – i think that 2 weeks is pushing it.. have just checked my own house report – i had a “full” survey on my shed and the report was commissioned & completed within 3 days. i think that this may be fairly speedy, but i have to write reports within my own job and have a target of 7 days from survey to issue. I would have thought this to be reasonable in the field of house surveys,after all it’s not rocket science.. good luck

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