It’s already finished, I think, but I’ve not watched it yet… So I can’t search for a picture because I’m afraid that it would show me who has won.

Tim–the American–has seemed to me from the earliest rounds to be a truly exceptional cook, amongst a group of people who are themselves all all outstanding in the context of those who normally compete in Masterchef.

Who’d have thought that I’ve ever have found myself supporting an American to win Masterchef!? He who cooks best deservest to win, though: and therefore my vote is all for Tim tonight. I just hope nothing horrible happens with anything unusual he decides to present! Thank goodness Thingy Torrode has managed to overcome Whassisname Grocer Greg’s opposition to anything that doesn’t conform to the tastes/combinations/cliches that have come before!

Fingers crossed for Tim ♥ ♥ ♥


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