Whooohooo! Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim!!!

Major GOOD for Tim, the amazing American cook 🙂

I love Masterchef, but I’ve never seen a series where just about everybody’s been so fantastically talented.

Tim was a star from the start, though, and I’m so glad that John Torrode kept him in. All the finalists were fantastic cooks, but Tim’s cookery was different, inspiring and exceptional (IMO, anyway), and right from the start it seemed clear to me that he deserved to win.

Congratulations, Tim, and the very best of luck to all of them. My heart broke a little bit when the veggie, with a love of Asian street cooking, went out in the last round. I’ve no doubt, though, that all of the last 5 can make a big success in the cookery business should they really wish to do so 🙂

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