Poor service – Long Barn Books

I ordered a book from Long Barn Books on 21st May, and paid for it immediately via Paypal. I attached the following note to my Paypal payment.

Instructions to merchant:
Hello there. This is a gift, and I’d be grateful if you could please send it ASAP. Many thanks.

Almost immediately I received a standard form email from Long Barn Books confirming my order, and the usual email from Paypal confirming that payment had gone through.

Having received no book and no further communication, I wrote today to ask when I might expect the book to arrive. I attached my enquiry to a copy of Long Barn Books’ confirmation email, and soon afterwards I received rather a terse response asking me to forward a copy of my Paypal receipt instead. I did, and I asked again when I might expect to receive the book, and why they haven’t sent it yet.

I’ve just received the following response.

As with all mail order purchases, we are legally allowed 28 days for despatch. We aim to send more quickly than that and your book will go out this Thursday, which is our packing and despatch day.

Unimpressive, IMO. No apology for not having sent it out last week, and no offer to try to minimise further delay by sending it now rather than waiting another two days, by which time it will almost inevitably be further delayed until after the weekend.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by my experiences with the likes of Amazon, and Bob & Rose (of backpackinglight.co.uk), and all the other excellent online retailers who work hard to get things out to us as quickly as possible, rather than sitting on our money for 14 days before posting our goods. I know I won’t be ordering anything else from Long Barn Books, though.


8 Responses to Poor service – Long Barn Books

  1. Gibson says:

    Do these people know anything about running a business? Like you I take my money elsewhere when I get poor service, and I tell them so.

  2. John J says:

    Thinks: ‘Don’t buy from Long Barn Books’.


  3. Mango Terrier says:

    Ho! What these unreconstructed silverfish don’t realise is that instances of poor service like you’ve experienced get broadcast, and that a simple internet search shows up all their horrors.

    Bad cess and white trousers to them all!

    BTW I may be in pup, and am having a scan next Tuesday. Paws crossed!

  4. Roger Welch says:

    It’s Susan Hill’s own business – a Virginia Woolf trip really. Her website says she is snowed in so don’t expect books before a thaw! Maybe Susan should stick to writing and let others publish/sell her books.

  5. s smith says:

    Just to clarify, my order has yet to arrive.

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