Large mocha, extra shot, with cream...

Large mocha, extra shot, with cream…



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  1. Byeways says:

    It’s one of the great disparities in life – the gap between what you fancy and what’s recommended.

    Who ever thinks to themselves: “I could just murder cottage cheese and cress on wholemeal Ryvita?” Nobody, that’s who. What we crave are things exactly like the one in your picture; not prune juice.

    Where’s the fairness?

    P.S. How did things work out with your car?

    • peewiglet says:

      Quite right! 🙂 I normally forego the cream, but I’m feeling a bit porky at the moment, and so I thought “Ah, well… what difference can another 10,000 calories make?” *g*

      I’ve been meaning to post about the car saga: thanks for asking. Well, I took it back to the bloke who did the MOT 6 months ago. He took a look. He said:

      1. I don’t need a new clutch;

      2. the two front lower suspension bushes are not split, but merely showing an appropriate degree of play;

      3. I don’t need new pads or disks either front or back, although there is some wear on both sets of pads and the front disks. He said the front disks will need changing when the pads are ready to be replaced. Bearing in mind that I do very little mileage, he thought there might be another year in them at both ends. He said that if he’d been doing an MOT now he wouldn’t even have put any of them (disks or pads) down as an ‘advisory’;

      4. he didn’t agree that I need 3 new tyres, though he confirmed that (naturally enough) they’re all wearing down. Again, bearing in mind that I don’t do a lot of mileage he thought there was still quite a lot of life left in them. He confirmed that there was a little lump on the front offside tyre (with a little flap of ‘skin’ over it), but said it didn’t go down to the deeper layers and told me that it wasn’t likely to blow unless I hit something, like a kerb;

      5. he did spot some kind of oil leak, which he described as ‘misting’, but he didn’t think it was coming from the turbo. He didn’t think it was likely to be a big deal.

      I wasn’t sure what to make of that, so I took the car to Kwik Fit to see what they said about the tyres and brakes.

      1. They pointed out that there were 4 different types of tyres, all of different ages, on the car. One of the tyres was older than the car itself. I can’t understand why that should be, since the car came with a full service history from a Skoda dealership and had only had 1 owner (or so I was told, and the service history book suggests). They said the front offside tyre has been vulcanised, and advised me that the lump was dangerous. They said I should change it, but said that there was life left in all of the others.

      2. They said the disks and pads were all legal, but advised replacing the front ones now, and the rear pads. They confirmed that the rear disks are absolutely fine (the ones described as 90% worn by the Skoda dealership).

      Again I was left wondering what to make of the discrepancies. I spoke to a pal who knows a lot about cars, and this is what I’ve decided to do.

      1. I’ve had 4 new tyres put on today. I would never change just one tyre, and in the circumstances I decided to change all 4 for Michelins. Now I know where I am with them, and hopefully they’ll be a good investment. Kwik Fit have a 25% off deal at the moment, so I was able to get 4 for the price of 3 (I paid £276).

      2. Tomorrow I’m having MOT man replace the cam belt and the front and rear wipers. He’s charging £270.86 inclusive of labour and VAT. The quote from Skoda for the cam belt alone was £350.

      3. I’m going to see how the disks and pads at both ends are on the next MOT. If they show detectable signs of becoming a problem in the meantime then I’ll get them changed sooner.

      4. I’m going to keep a regular eye on my oil consumption, because the bloke I spoke to explained to me that if there’s a leak from the turbo then I should be able to see the oil levels going down.

      What a palaver! Does this sound sensible to you?

      • Byeways says:

        I suppose there’ll always be variations between the opinions you get, although these two don’t seem to be a million miles apart and nowhere near as apocalyptic as you were first told.

        I’ve always found our local Kwik-fit to be pretty good and that sounds like a decent price for Michelins all round. I believe Michelins still have one the best reputations for wearing well, so that should be one thing taken care of for some time to come.

        I had a ‘misting’ problem on mine a few years back, admittedly in a different part of the engine. It came from an outlet hose which had slipped slightly and wasn’t serious.

  2. Laura says:

    but nice……………!

  3. mike knipe says:

    Its a good idea to replace tyres if you’re concerned about them – personally, I’d never drive a car with a lump in the tyre. This is because I once put the father in law’s car through a wall whilst sliding the car on it’s drivers door – due to a duff tyre. This was a short but exciting trip.
    Its OK to replace tyres in two’s, though.
    As for the other stuff – Quickfit will tell you anything to be frank, but we are generally at the mercy of mechanics (and plumbers, electricians, doctors, computer technicians and tea van managers…..)so we have to expect to be exploited a bit.
    Never give Quickfit your correct mobile number or email address as they’ll spam you with offers of insurance etc. They think I’m Mr Knight from Consett.

    • peewiglet says:

      Eep! Good job I changed them, then! Certainly my Dad’s always impressed upon me not to mess around with tyres.

      Give them my mobby or email addy? Ha! Nooooo…

      Wee car’s having it’s cam belt changed as I type. I hope it isn’t cold in the garage. It’s very wet and horrible here today.

  4. alan.sloman says:

    You’ll never get that hip belt done up after a few of those… Piglet will have to put you on a strict exercise programme…

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