Moved successfully, but tons of unpacking still to do

Piglet, Puss-Puss and I have successfully re-located from the thriving metropolis that is Southport to somewhere much lovelier a little further North 🙂

Eternal thanks to Caroline, Alan and Graham for the help last Friday and over the weekend. I decided in the end not to use a removals company, as they were going to charge £550 plus waiting time (plus VAT), and that seemed ridiculously over-priced bearing in mind that I wasn’t actually taking a great deal of stuff. Instead I hired a Luton van/truck, and Alan and Graham did all the heavy lifting. (My tennis elbow came in useful for that… heheh…)

Although I’ve been here almost a week it’s still chaos in the house. It needs a thorough cleaning, and so I’ve not been able to put everything away yet and I’m still surrounded by boxes. I’ll get there gradually, though.

Piglet is delighted with the walking. We’ve only had a chance to explore the local walks so far, but we’ve already been terrified in a cow field this afternoon. Eep! We were almost through what I thought was the last safe field before the cow fields began when all of a sudden an enormous ginger-headed beast appeared on the top of a small ridge about 20 feet to my right. I was horrified beyond words, and dragged poor Piglet to the end of the field and lifted her over a barbed-wire fence to what I hoped would be safety. I then had to follow, which was an anxious experience in view of what happened to Alan when he last tried to scale such a fence. It had to be done, though. Sadly, it had to be done again almost immediately but in reverse, when I realised that what I’d hoped would be a safe place was simply a continuation of the field I’d been trying to avoid. I had to pop Piglet back into the lion’s den and jump back over myself, and then drag her at a great pace, protesting, through great piles of cow poo and down the hill to the field full of aggressive little rams we’d negotiated about 10 minutes earlier. We survived, though. Phew!

Piglet is now recovering herself on my bed–I think I may be changing the bedding a little sooner than I’d originally planned–and I’m girding my loins for a fresh assault on the boxes and boxes of stuff that are cluttering up the sitting room. It would be nice to sit down in there at some stage, but at the moment there’s no free space on either of the couches.

When I get a bit straighter I’ll take the camera out with me and post a lot of pictures. In the meantime, though, I’m not sure how to get the ones I took this afternoon from my iPhone to my MacBook, and so this post will have to remain pictureless.

Back to unpacking…

4 Responses to Moved successfully, but tons of unpacking still to do

  1. Mrs QO and I moved into our present home 20 years ago to the day and have been very happy here – with some good (if flat) walking along river and canal very nearby. Hope you’re as contented in your new home when you’ve settled in.

  2. Mike says:

    To get the photos from your iPhone to your Macbook, connect it up with the USB cable and let it do its iTunes thing.

    Then, fire up iPhoto. You should be presented with a screen that offers ‘Import’ at the lower right. Hit import and follow the dots.

    For single photos, you can also just email them to yourself from the iPhone photos app.

    Regards from Aus.


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