Help? Transferring Audible files from Macbook Pro to non-Mac MP3 player

I’m wondering whether any of you have found a solution to this problem.

I’ve been using Audible books for years with my little Creative MuVo V100 MP3 player. I use that device because it takes AAA batteries, which are necessary when I’m off walking without access to charging facilities.

I’ve recently started using a MacBook Pro, and I’ve found that there seems to be no way to get Audible files from the Macbook onto my non-Mac MP3 player, because Audible haven’t written a version of their Downloads Manager for Mac users, assuming, it seems, that all Mac computer users will also be using a Mac MP3 player and that they will therefore be able to transfer files via iTunes. iTunes doesn’t see my non-Mac MP3 player, though, so unless I dig out my netbook for transfers I can no longer use Audible files. Simply copy/pasting them from the Downloads folder onto the Creative doesn’t work, as the Creative can’t see the files I’ve transferred (which I assume is something to do with copyright protection).

I’ve rung Audible twice about this, but on both occasions the assistants I spoke to declared that they’d never come across the issue before, and conceded that they had no solution to offer. They were helpful, and said they would bring the issue up internally, but I’ve no idea whether that route might eventually lead to the release of a Mac version of the Audible software.

I’ve searched the net for solutions, but have come up with nothing. Can anybody help?

BTW, the little Creative is one of the most useful and durable products of any description that I’ve ever bought. I’ve got about 3 of them–I kept buying new versions as they came out with larger capacities–and I’ve been using them for years and years in all weathers with absolutely no problem at all. They’ve been soaked and dropped and scorched by French and Corsican sunshine, but they all keep working faultlessly on a steady diet of AAA batteries. Very highly recommended for backpacking (and everything else).

8 Responses to Help? Transferring Audible files from Macbook Pro to non-Mac MP3 player

  1. Andy Dawkins says:

    Grab hold of the tracks in iTunes and drag them on to the desktop mounted MP3 player if there, or just drop them on to the desktop for transfer via your normal method. You’ll need to make sure the files are in MP3 format (they should be, or your Mac may have converted them to AAC or other).


    • peewiglet says:

      Hi again, Andy.

      I’ve tried that with two .aa files, but the MP3 player still can’t see them. Weirdly–or so it seems to me–I then tried simply creating an empty folder (named after the book) and the Creative can’t see that either. Will now try creating an empty folder via the netbook, as I’m beginning to wonder whether the problem lies with folder-creation via the Finder.

      Will report back soon…

      • peewiglet says:

        Hmmm… I tried making an empty folder via the PC netbook and that wasn’t see either. Presumably the Creative doesn’t see empty folders, then, so not a problem with Finder.

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hi Andy. Many thanks for helping.

    They won’t be in MP3 format, because Audible has a proprietary .aa format. I could convert them, but that would hugely increase the file size.

    I’ll try doing what you’ve suggested, though, with the one file that iTunes has recognised thus far, and report back.

    Thanks again for helping ♥

  3. Byeways says:

    PW, I’m not sure if it’s helpful in this particular instance, but there are programmes around (free ones, I think) which will convert an .aa file to .wma (Windows audio) format.

    I don’t know if that conversion can be made within iTunes.

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello there, and thanks for helping 🙂

      I may have to try that route if I can’t find a way to get them across as .aa files. I think any conversion I apply, though, is going to make the file size much larger, and because the little Creative has a relatively small capacity (1GB, I think) that’s something I’m keen to avoid. Will keep experimenting for now.

  4. Andy Dawkins says:

    Ah yes, you’ve jogged my memory. The way forward then is to burn the books on to CD (you don’t have to do that, create an image instead) then rip the CD back in to iTunes, this time in MP3 format.

    For simplicity, burn the books to Audio CD and then do the reimport. This is from memory for a customer, if it doesn’t work or you get stuck, I’ll test it on some Audible files.


    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks again, Andy.

      I think for now I’ll just keep the netbook to hand, as I need to conserve space on the Creative and so don’t really want to convert to MP3.

      The best thing would be for Audible to write a software version of the AudibleManager, istm.

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