Piglet attacked

Piggle has just been attacked by another terrier 😦 We met it on the field behind my house, and Piglet ran over–tummy scraping the ground, submissively–to say hello. The other dog sniffed her, and suddenly grabbed her by the side of her face and hung on! Piglet was screaming and turning in circles to try to shake it off, but it had too good a hold for her to dislodge it.

Fortunately I remembered watching a Cesar Millan episode in which he grabbed an attacking dog by the hind legs and lifted it off the ground, so that it would have to let go. I managed to get hold of the JRT like that and lift it up, and seconds later it released Piglet.

I know these things happen with dogs, but still it was frightening. I’ve not been able to find any puncture wounds, and hopefully Piglet will be okay. I’m sure it won’t do her anxiety around other dogs any good, though.

I bought something called a Dog Dazer a couple of days ago. It’s meant to deter aggressive dogs from attacking. I didn’t take it out with me as I was just nipping to the shops for a loaf, but I’ll be carrying it all the time in future (well, unless I find it doesn’t work, of course).

I think we need to get out now for a walk. Thank goodness it was only a small dog. Things could have been a lot worse 😦

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