Poor Piglet!

Poor Piggle has been in the wars this week!

Late yesterday afternoon we set off to climb Whernside. It was a wonderful walk, straight up the wall from near Ingleton to the top, and down again. Piglet had a fantastic time dashing around all over the place. She’s pretty good with sheepses, though I do put her on the lead when I can see some on the path ahead of us.

The only fly in the balm of the evening walk came right at the end, when we found that there were cows in both of the fields through which Public Footpaths run, connecting the walk with the road to Ingleton. I don’t take Piglet into cow fields, and so we therefore had to trespass through a sheep field instead. At the bottom of the field we found a stone wall with barbed wire on top, and in order to get out I had to lift Piggle over the barbed wire covered wall into an adjoining field, from which we made our escape back onto the road over another wall; this time wireless.

We got home about 10pm and Piggle and I enjoyed a late dinner. We then snuggled down on the couch together to watch a bit of mindless TV, but at about 0030 Piggle suddenly sat up and started engaging in “I’m going to be sick” behaviour, i.e. lots of lip licking and uncomfortable looks. I dived under the stairs to get an old newspaper, but I was too late to prevent Piglet from puking up a mess of tinned Chappie and Laughing Dog mixer biscuits all over the carpet. I went to get some kitchen roll, but by the time I got back Piggle had re-eaten her meal. Ugh 😦

Over the course of the next hour Piglet puked at least 10 times, and also had an attack of Dire Rear in the yard. Until I saw the liquid poo I thought perhaps it was my fault for having given her dinner so late after such an exciting walk, but at the Dire Rear stage it became pretty clear that she’d eaten something horrible during our walk. Poor wee dog! Eventually we settled down again on the couch, and I hoped that she’d begin to feel a bit better. She was trembling and unhappy, though, and just before 3am she puked again twice more.

At that stage I rang the vet, because a Google had suggested that something very serious might be going on. The vet thought it was prolly just a reaction to having eaten something vile, but naturally he couldn’t be sure without seeing her. He said he had another dog coming in from Morecambe and that he’d be willing to take a look at Piglet, and so I drove her over to Kendal at 3.30am to have her checked.

Fortunately it wasn’t something terribly sinister, and the vet confirmed that she must have eaten something toxic while we were out. He gave her two injections, and gave me two sachets of electrolyte powder to be administered in water on our return home.

This morning Piggle was loads better, and now she’s very unhappy at not having been fed. I’m going to make her some chicken and rice for dinner, and I think we’ll lay off walking for today.

Coincidentally, my neighbour asked me this afternoon whether it’s okay with me for her gardener to put weedkiller on the weeds in our shared yard tomorrow morning. I’ve spoken to the gardener about the product he intends to use, and I’ve rung two vets and Googled extensively. The product (Glyphogan) is said to be safe for pets once dry, but I’m really not happy with the idea of it all over the yard. Piglet likes chewing on grass there, and Puss-Puss likes to roll around in the borders. I think I’m going to have to volunteer to dig the weeds out by hand instead.

p.s. Hmmm… I think my neighbour thinks I’m called Sheila…

2 Responses to Poor Piglet!

  1. Phil says:

    An australian neighbour – how very cosmopolitan 🙂

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