Phil Lambert’s Brilliant ‘Outdoor Stereotypes’


I’m not sure how many people read Phil Lambert’s excellent Doodlecat blog, but it’s always one of the first places I check when I go to Google Reader.

Anyway, it turns out that old Phil has been hiding a major talent under a bushel–it seems that in addition to his considerable writing abilities he’s a very accomplished and witty artist.

At a loss to know how to pass his late summer evenings in darkest Suffolk, Phil has recently dug out and dusted off his painting kit, and has embarked upon a series of witty caricatures of We Walking Types.

The first–The Octogenarian–is now adorning his blog here. Run there and enjoy it! I already knew Phil was a talented sort of bloke, but even so I was blown away when I saw what he had done. We should have them monthly in TGO, I reckon.


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