Shower Door – Made-To-Measure?

Does anybody know of a reliable manufacturer of made-to-measure shower doors? I’m hoping to replace mine, but it’s considerably shorter than average (1770 rather than the more standard 1800, 1850 or 1900). It’s possible that I could manage with a slightly taller one, but only at the cost of virtually eliminating the space at the top for the steam to escape.

If anybody has any experience of this then any pointers would be very welcome.

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  1. JH says:

    Would a 30mm gap at the top really matter?

    You mean a glass door I take it? Have you tried going to a glass merchant? Obviously they can cut glass to any size and drill it if necessary. But it would then have to be toughened.


    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks John.

      TBH I know nothing of shower doors, and so I don’t yet know whether they’re normally glass or not. I’m going to look them up properly ASAP, but when y/day the bloke who’s going to retile the shower cubicle and install a new shower in it gave me the measurement I thought I’d be able to pick one up easily. Now it seems to be less straightforward, and it could be that the width measurement is non-standard too.

      The existing door is in a frame of some sort, and the measurement I mentioned is that of the frame. I spoke to the bloke earlier and he told me the gap at the top isn’t crucial, but even taking account of the gap I think the largest frame the space will accommodate is 1800, and standard doors seem to start at 1850 high. I have a low ceiling.

      I’ll happily go to a glass merchant, but that would leave me without a frame. The existing one is grotty, which is why I want to replace it. A quick Google earlier suggested that made-to-measure is often the solution in this situation. That’s a bit of a pain since it’s likely to be expensive and I really only need what I thought would be a simple a shower door. Hence I’m wondering whether anybody else has dealt with any of the companies who provide this service.

  2. Mango Terrier says:

    Um … buy an 1850mm door and have yr local glass merhant cut it down to size? 25mm top and bottom?

    • peewiglet says:


      What I didn’t explain is that the 1800 includes a frame. I know I can get somebody to cut the glass down but that what I actually need is a door in a frame that doesn’t come to more than 1800. I don’t think cutting the frame would work. Whatapain! I thought it would be simples.

    • JH says:

      I should think they’re made of toughened glass and – “Toughened glass products cannot be cut, drilled or shaped – all such work must be completed before toughening is carried out.”

      But you can have a bit of glass cut and then get it toughened.


      Shirl, I didn’t read your initial post properly. I see you can install a bigger door but the gap at the top – your vent – will all but disappear. Have you got an extractor fan in the bathroom? If not perhaps you should fit the bigger door and fit an extractor fan (venting outdoors) in the shower if possible. It’s a good idea to have an extractor fan and building regs demand it on new builds.


  3. John J says:

    Renovate the existing shower door?

    Locate the source of the existing door and see what they can do?

    Can’t be of more help I’m afraid, good luck!


    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks to all for the advice!

      Happily the problem is solved. I managed to get a door of the correct size from Coram, and hopefully it’ll be installed at some stage later this week 🙂

  4. John Horner says:

    Shirl try based in Leighton Buzzard they do frameless and framed shower doors in hinged and sliding versions.
    good luck John.

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