My Terrier – The Wimp…

I dunno…

Piglet’s non terrier-like wimpiness seems to be going from bad to worse. Last night I nipped up to the Post Office for a loaf and a bottle of wine, intending to tie Piggle up outside in the usual way (it’s safe to do that here). However, we found a most belligerent-looking black cat insinuating itself amongst the pot plants and railings outside.

As I approached the door with Piglet the cat shot out from its semi-concealment in the foliage and established laser-like eye contact, and as I dragged Piggle backwards and forwards on her lead in an attempt to shake the cat off it shadowed our every move, growing closer and closer and slowly drawing back its top lip to reveal a row of sharp, white teeth. (OK, so I may have imagined the tooth bit.) Eep! I tried waving my hands at it and making shooing noises, but it completely ignored me. I’m not sure which of us was more nervous, but it certainly wasn’t the cat.

In the end I had to pick Piglet up and carry her in under my arm like a wee bedraggled sack. When I explained to the Post Mistress that there was a ferocious-looking cat outside giving my little dog the Evil Eye she almost fell to the floor laughing. She went out to see what it was, and it turned out to be her 8 months old kitten. Um… The cat was carried into the back of the shop and placated with some sort of edible treat (hind leg of Rottweiler, perhaps), and I managed to fasten Piglet to the railings after all.

Sometimes I wonder whether I have the daftest terrier in the world…


2 Responses to My Terrier – The Wimp…

  1. Mango Terrier says:

    Sweet Thang! It’s a hard oul’ station, and I leave my brother Gazza to sort out the aggro. Up here we have The Katz quelled and in their rightful place, ingrates that they are. Come and visit for a workshop! We miss you! Big lurve. Mango.

  2. Robin says:

    My Jack Russell bitch (Patch) is a bit of a wimp when it comes to cats. Next door’s black & white used to chase her. We used to have to go out in the garden with her. Our neighbours moved recently, so no more dog protection patrols!

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